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Moderator help

I posted last week about PE after a hernia repair and didn’t receive any feedback in the Newbie Forum. Not sure how many main members check out the newbie forum, but odds are that some main members had a hernia in the past and currently do PE. At worse, I thought somebody familiar with human anatomy would know if PE excercises could reinjure a repaired inguinal hernia.

A pertinent thread related to a hernia that I did find was in Oct of 2002 by “2in2002”. He mentioned that he had a hernia repair and was going to take a few weeks off from PE, but nothing after that.

Would this question get better feedback in the main member section?

Thanks in advance.

It’s worth a try but normally stuff does pretty well here.

What type of hernia repair? If it was an inguinal hernia, I’d wait 6-8 weeks to allow everything to heal up. Otherwise you could risk pulling apart the internal sutures or mesh (if that was used). Basically, follow the instructions your surgeon gave you - typically no lifting 6 weeks.

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