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Micro Tears Vs Scar Tissue


I agree. My comment above is just basically throwing shit @ the wall and seeing how big of a mess it makes.

I’m just under the impression and have been for a while, that things like this need tension in order to further itself into accommodating strength/size to handle the capacity of that tension.
Which basically means that tension over time will or can become harder to get a response(size increase) out of.

I just think that if you’re taking something(chem related) that deals cells/receptors or targets the tunica, you should put your penis in a situation to further take advantage of what it is you’re taking.
For instance, the stated PGE-1 tunica effects or other tunica targeting creams while @ the same time doing tunica targeting PE exercises.

Yes it would be nice though to see increases solely w/ nothing but chemPE.
I’m mainly referring to girth increases, because I can’t see this working for length. The above tunica example would be different though, as that could target both. Especially doing hanging routine(s).

Originally Posted by marinera
Tunica albuginea, which is the limiting factor, is very, very thin - about 0.2 mm, going to memory. It isn’t really possible to inject anything into it without some very sophisticated devices, it is unlikely that anything tried since now could change in its stricture, it’s scarcely flowed with blood and it’s unlikely that any substance that could work in theory will reach in a singificative amount the tunica albuginea, no matter how you put said substance inside the body.

If all the relevant growth factors etc. are synthesized directly in the cell, that’s a very good point.
I was under the impression that, for instance, igf-1 was produced only in the liver but after looking it up I can see that it can indeed be produced locally as well.

Originally Posted by marinera
But there are other questions that are more misterious; the biggest one I have in mind, is : how come that pumping is so ineffective for most of people, when compared to other PE techniques? It provides mechanical stress in the best way, from a theoritical point of view, and fatigue of other body parts is not an issue; it is even funny, so why?

Definitely mind-boggling.


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