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Medical Questions

Medical Questions

Hello every one!

I’m writing this post because it seems there is a lot of knowledgeable about penis enlargement but my question is: has anybody talked with an urologist about PE?
I have read that the PE can be dangerous in a long term causing a feber tear and favoring erectile disfunction.
Personaly I think it’s not true, maybe it could cause feber tear but the same thing occurs when you do exercice and your muscles grow..

Sorry for my bad english guys, I look like Tarzan speaking

Feber tear? You mean fibre? Yes, that is what one wants to do, carefully.

There are risks involved, read the pre-pe thread. Before You PE: A Penis Inventory

Frankly, you’ll find more experience, thought and brains here than in your average urologists office. At least combined.

regards, mgus

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Erectile dysfunction comes when you do PE and don’t heed the warnings of experience here.

Erection quality and duration are critical indicators of penis health as well as methodology. If you are doing things to the extreme your dick will tell you early on that it doesn’t like it, and not function properly as a result. Any further stress after those early indicators is asking for trouble.

Would you expose your best, most loyal friend to the possibility of damage?

And regarding urologists, they have their opinions, but are bound by liability to dismiss PE as potentially dangerous.

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The human body is amazingly resilient and adaptive. As long as you don’t destroy your dick through intense dangerous PE your body should be able to adapt, repair and recover with no problems. You may come into problems if you end up making your dick 10+ inches or something, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what most people around here are after. However there is always the risk of injury, but the same can be said for playing a sport or lifting weights. Its a calculated risk, however I feel with my very limited experience with PE as and physiology it’s fairly safe

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Yeah, thank you for answering, personaly I have done PE exercices for a few months and seeing the results (stronger and easy erections and maybe some growth) it seems that this exercices are getting your dick welthier.. It’s just that’s it is an important thing for men and any roumour of danger about it puts me in stat of alarm.

Concern is a good thing! Stay safe and good luck

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Originally Posted by pe_pito
Hello every one!

PE can be dangerous in a long term causing a feber tear and favoring erectile disfunction.

IT’s true fox, You will have erection dysfunction from PE. True 100% but the timing is when you will be in grave :D Well you know maybe they invented STD for us to buy condoms, because they want to make money out of every single thing :D

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