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Measuring girth - wow


One tip I forgot to say in my routine is to find something you like to do while stretching. Like a TV show you like, or a DVD. Or watching a basketball or soccer game. Something to take your mind off it. It means you look foward to PE (rather then dreading it) and while you need to focus at times on what you are doing it gives you something to do in the in between moments like when using heat. And it helps avoid unwanted erections. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for those with privacy issues where they are in the bathroom while doing it, because you are staring at a wall. 30 mins stretching would seem like an hour. Even listening to the radio would be something. Respect to those people, it must be tough.

Originally Posted by panthro
Measuring mid way not at the base?

Nah mate I measure in the same spot everytime. Pre PE I was almost tree trunk shape (thicker base, thinner head) but it seems even after 2 months I’ve got a slight baseball effect. Which means I can see pretty well the middle of the shaft where it’s fattest to measure. About halfway between the base and the head. I measured base girth and it’s 6.3 or so. :eek: I need to ease off on the jelqing. I know I’ve gained length since starting PE because it looks alot thinner then it did when I started. In the last few weeks I thought I had lost girth. Having girth makes an optical elusion to make you think the penis is short. If I had 4.5 girth or something, I think I would of never even tried to do PE. So basically accurate measurements are critical (and it’s embarressing that I stuffed them up so much). Stupid ruler.

If you think your losing girth it might be because your getting longer. If you think you are not gaining (or getting longer) it could be that it’s because you are gaining girth as well, which makes it look shorter. And that can hurt motivation.

Hmmm… in fact sometimes when you gain lenght you can lose girth, it just happened me this week, I’m desperate, I’ll just have to wait till lenght reach it’s plateau before going for girth I guess…

Enich, i experienced the same thing.

Is that common? How long until you saw that start to happen?

I gained 0.2 length and lost 0.2 girth in my first 2months of PE but eventually gained the girth back.

Yes, the good thing about that it’s that once you have gained girth, it’s more easy to regain if you happen to lose it

ICANdothis it hurts isn’t it? At least we still are gaining lenght, the girth will come later ;)

Lxuke I noticed because I use to check how the unit is everyday, so it something it’s wrong it’s easy to see. And it happened about two months after I really got my first 0,5cm in girth (after 8 months PEing)

Originally Posted by Enich
Compare that measure tape with a ruler, it has happened before that the measurements of the measure tape are….wrong. I have to compare mine with a ruler too, I’ll do it as soon as I reach home.

I’ve been using a cloth measuring tape since the beginning of my PE (over 8 months now). I just checked it today against a ruler and it is stretched out by at least 1/8”. I have another plastic covered sewing tape which was checked against the ruler and it is accurate. Took girth measurement(s) with the new tape measure, and the old tape measure, and indeed I just gained an instant 1/8” in girth. :gift:

Now it’s back to working on the next real 1/8” in gains.

Length for show. Girth for "Whoa"!

NBPEL: Start: $1.50; Current: $1.75; Goal: $2

MSEG: Start: <TP Tube; Current: >TP Tube; Goal: >>PT Tube.

Yeah it’s definately a nice surprise. :)


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