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Measuring girth - wow


Measuring girth - wow

Since I started PE I couldn’t find my tape measure and was too lazy to buy one, so I used a hair tie that had been cut so it was like a piece of string. The problem is it flexes so I would try to not make it stretch but then I guess I would underestimate the size. From when I have started PE to now (very close to 8 weeks) it’s always been consistantly around 5.3-5.5.

I just found my tape measure, got a quick erection to measure and it came in at 5.9 inches almost 6!!!!

I measured 3 times to make sure, and tried to make as tight a fit around the penis as possible.

Has anyone else had experiences like this? I have suddenly gained (or had all along :D ) .5 inch girth.

I recommend using a tape measure from now on to all who don’t already. Ego boost + more accurate measurement = win.

It probably wouldn’t help me considering I’m pretty sure I subconsciously measure more than I actually have any way.

Nov '08: 6.5" BPEL X 4.3" MSEG / 4.83" Base Girth.... 4.565" AVG EG Based on 2 measurements

Nov '09: 7.0" BPEL (6.3" NBPEL) X 4.5" MSEG / 4.9" Base Girth.... 4.59" AVG EG Based on 3 measurements ~~~~~~~~~ Erect gains to date 1.55" X .4"

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Dude do you really want a 7 inch girth?

It’s 7 BPEL and 5.7 EG. You misread.

Compare that measure tape with a ruler, it has happened before that the measurements of the measure tape are….wrong. I have to compare mine with a ruler too, I’ll do it as soon as I reach home.

Originally Posted by FunkyGroove
It’s 7 BPEL and 5.7 EG. You misread.

No he didn’t. Check the goal of the original poster.


Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

He did misread, sometimes my sig causes this problem for people reading it. Sorry guys I will fix it when I update my sig in 2 days (for month 2 measurement).

My goal girth is 5.7. Looks like I err, passed it. Enich that’s a good idea I will double check that the measure tape is ok.

Yup, but I realized this: that measuring error can be kinda common but with cm measurement tapes, I don’t think it can happen with an inches one. I mean, that the ruler marks 1 after 1cm has passed, in the other hand the measure tape mark 1 during all the first cm, thus can be an error if you think you have let’s say 14’3cm (because you are seeing number 14, but in won’t be 14 tll it has passed, you it would be 13’3)

Sorry if I didn’t explain that clear enough

I remember the first time I discovered the fact that tape, rulers etc can actually yield inaccurate results. I was almost in horror, since I had taken a lot of measurements that needed to be accurate within the nearest 1-2 mm, which give *me* about 1 mm lee-away and the ruler <0.5 mm of lee-away. The ruler was off by about 1 cm total by the end of the ruler (it was inaccurate in inches as well Enich. Regardless, I’ll never by a ruler from any regular ole office place again as I figure there’s no quality control.

That said, I didn’t find any standard for a ruler that’s checked closely in production against any unit.

As for the tape, I did buy it from london Drugs last minute. The units are hard to see and it feels a little too easy to stretch.. I doubt it’ll last me a year with any reasonably accurate results. I had the opposite result though with smaller measurements with the measuring tape by about a quarter of an inch.


Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Cuban what is your routine?

June 1st: Nbpel: 6.1 Sept 18th08: Nbpel: 6.2

Eg: 4.0 Eg: 4.5

Interesting Jawbone, maybe all the rulers are wrong lol. I have pinpointed my problem. My ruler was wrong!! I don’t know where it came from but it’s junk. I looked up something that I can measure so I can compare measurements. I found the dimensions of a CD/DVD. 12cm diameter and 1.5 inner diameter. On the tape measure it comes to 12cm exactly, I used the ruler and it’s only 11.1cm wtf?? It seems the longer something is, the more the ruler is wrong. That means all my measurements are wrong and I’m actually bigger then I thought I was. I will convert over my measurements using both rulers and then throw it in the bin and buy a new one. I’m taking a CD with me to measure when I buy one to make sure it comes to 12cm.

I don’t think ruler alone is the problem though, I think it’s also a factor of the string I used to measure girth (hard to be consistant everytime). The tape measure seemed easier since the measurements are written on the same thing that wraps around your penis rather then marking the spot and measuring it.

Originally Posted by snowhobo
Cuban what is your routine?

It’s in my progress thread in detail but I can give you a quick summary.

It changes a bit, mainly in trying to do good technique. I think what I do now is alot different to what I did a month ago even though on paper it might look the same. I will try to explain.

5-10 mins warmup with rice sock
20-30 mins stretching, in all directions, the first set in each direction is a slight stretch, then medium stretch, then hard stretch. In between stretch sets reapply rice sock heat.
5-10 mins jelqing on 10-60% erection
2-4 mins O bends - Once in each direction (sometimes twice in each direction) for 5 seconds
5 mins jelqing
Warm down with rice sock or shower

The stretches used to be 10 seconds hold, then it was 15, now it’s 20 or 30. No set rest days. Usually one per week though. If my penis needs to rest.. it rests. Otherwise it doesn’t. Some days I do more jelqing, other days less. Depends on how everything feels. Listen to your body. :) For whole PE session I use no porn. Usually after stretching it’s at least 10% erection and then I just kegel blood into the penis and dry jelq and it gets harder without being aroused at all. The bonus for this is a much more workable puffy erection.

I use a ruler I printed off the internet. Doesn’t stretch and works great!

I’ve heard that O bends works perfectly for girth, I’ll have to do them too

PS. Fortunately my ruler and measure tape are ok

Measuring mid way not at the base?

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