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Measuring BPEL Correctly? - Where do I start

Measuring BPEL Correctly? - Where do I start

Hey everyone,

My question is, “Where is it best to place the ruler on your fatpad when measuring for accurate BPEL reading? Would it be pushing the ruler into your fatpad just above your penis? Or on the top right or left side, which seems to go deeper, atleast for me. I see alot of people here placing the ruler differently, its just that I want to be 100% about my actual BPEL and about the progress.

I know some are thinking, “its all about consistency”, well yea it is, but I am not just trying it find out the reading to simply track just my progress but to actually know where I also stand BPEL scientifically. Does anyone know how the doctors who conduct the studies measure?

I am asking this because before I was really just measuring NBPEL, but found out that isn’t the correct measuring, so now I got myself a clear, new ruler and I want to put it to good use. I seem to get a reading that varies anywhere from as low as 6” BPEL to as high as 6.5” BPEL ( I even got higher, somewhere nearing 17cm, and I was shocked!)

So a little clarification or input would greatly be appreciated,


Feel for the bone above your base. Notice how there is a gap between your base and bone that will provide false measurements. Measure above the penis as close as you can, while pressing into the bone, NOT under the bone.

Thanks springer and dicko I think I have a better understanding of how to measure, though should I place the ruler vertically as described in the picture by mgus? Or I have to just make sure its on the bone and not under it as described by springer. I’m going to do a measurement of both and see what I have

Ok I just measured, with the ruler being placed vertically above my penis just as described by mgus in Dicko’s post. Also I found Shunga’s measurement post dkp123 august 02-2007 BPEL.jpg

I measured it exactly as he did, and I measured 16.5 cm, seems unreal but the ruler does not lie


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