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Measured 7.5 BPEL

Measured 7.5 BPEL

Yesterday I got home before the wife did, so I decided to see if the little bit of stretching I was doing was working. I hit 7.5” BPEL for a few seconds before my penis realized it was being measured instead of being put to better use. With the little bit of work that I have been putting into PE I figured I better check it again, so back to getting it ready for a measurement and.7.5” again and then one more time just to be sure.

It really surprised me because the only thing I have really been doing is manual stretches for about 8-12 minutes a day a couple of times a day, a couple of minutes of jelqing while in the shower, a couple of low erection Horse440’s while in the shower, and some clamping. I really only do any PE 2 to 4 times a week. I don’t really have a set schedule, just when I think about it when I have the privacy.

I have been trying to concentrate on girth, even though I didn’t measure it yesterday. I have been gauging it by if I can fit inside a toilet paper roll. Well yesterday while measuring length, I left the toilet paper roll put down on my dick as far as it would go (about halfway down) and measure to the end of the roll. I wanted to see what lenght that would be because it looked like a pretty long dick to me. That measurement came out to be 8” NBPEL. I’m like 6.75 NBPEL (depending on where you measure from) now so, another 1.25 and I’ll have a dick like this! It was just cool to actually have a visual, so I thought I’d pass that along.

You are probably talking about the paper towl roll, I use the same thing.

Good luck with your gains, keep it up!

THat 7.5 is a nice feeling huh. How much are you girth wise?

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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Last I measured I was 5.25 at the base and about 5 near the head. I think I’m a litter better than that now, but I don’t want to measure just yet.

Thats a pretty good size length and girth

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