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Manual Stretching - Advice please for a newbie


WTF? The visual on that is too funny, Dino! Like a penis growing at an angle and out of somewhere that is just not in harmony with the human body. <BOING!> “Oh, you have a penis coming out of your ear, did you know that? Should I suck it or comb it?”

Note for ledzep

Hey ledzep,

My comments on going straight into the advnaced tecniques was not meant as a general piece of advice. I am not saying that is what is best to do, im saying thats what best for me.

Your body is very well trained at letting you know when you u are abusing it - that is what pain is - your bodies method of telling you to stop. I know my own body and if i can do 10 horse 440’s after each other without feeling pain or disconfort - thats just how it goes. I go for REALLY REALLY intense squueezes and i know what my limits are.

As for holding my grip for 10 minutes, i agree with the person who replied aftre you - you are a pussy footer!!! LOL

I could hold it for half hour or more, its all in the grip. You dont squueze your dick with your hand bcos that would burn your forearms out, you have to use both hands to kinda ‘lock in’ behind your head - when y get it right u can sit there for hours! If you cant hold a grip for more than 10 minutes, i suggest you u get down the gym mate! Train them arms up a bit!!

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