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Manual Stretches

Manual Stretches

I am very confused about manual stretching. My LOT is really low. Whcih angles do I stretch at or do I stretch in all angles? I saw the video on manual stretching but do you pull untill you feel somthing?? The head always seems to get squeezed when i stretch and it turns colors. Can anyone explain in detail their manual stretchin techniques and for how long they did it?

I have a low lot as well. I usually do ten minutes straight out, ten minutes between straight out and straight up, and ten minutes straight up. Granted, stretching for 30 minutes is something that has to be worked up to. It seems like everybody has a different grip on their shaft when they do stretches. Here’s my grip, quoted from my progress report thread:

Originally Posted by bt
I’ve improved my manual stretch grip this time around. I used to just grab the dick. A few days later, I grabbed it, but avoided the glans and the nerve bunch on the top of the shaft just below the glans. Now, I have a very complicated, but very effective grip. I grab the shaft with my middle, ring, and pinky below the glans. The top sectors of these fingers, and the palm of my hand squeeze either side of the shaft. Then, I hold the glans with my pointer and my thumb very gently, just so that I dont pull my skin over my glans.

I was able to get a very good stretch, in terms of stretched legnth, and grip. I used to get a very sore feeling inside my urethra in my glans, and about .5” below the glans. I do not have this at all this time around. My stretch routine also was increased in intensity: from 20 mins to 25 mins, and from 30 sec stretches to 60 sec stretches. I decided to do these increases of intensity on the fly, during my workout, because this new grip feels a lot better than my grip before……..

For pulling force, do as much as you can without making yourself uncomfortable. Everybody’s different in that aspect, so the best advice I can give you for that is to start out easy, and do trial and error with it.

As far as discolored skin goes, I can’t really answer that for you, because my unit is colored enough to not let me know if it’s changing colors. :D

the tip of my glans turns red during stretches.

5/1/04 Before: 6.75x4.75" started back up again. 2/1/06 7 4/16x5" 3/1/06 7 7/16x5"

Goal: 8.5x6"

focusing on length now with stretches, hanging, and jelqing

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