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Manual Stretches; gripping

Manual Stretches; gripping

I know purple spots/dots on the head area of the penis is normal, but the thing is that it caused by other exercises such as Jelqs and squeezes and not stretch routines that cause these spots (at least thats what I read on some threads). Because I only stretch (still doing newbie routine after 2 months) and I got these purple marks on my penis after the workout, its my first time getting this discolouration.

How do you guys grip your penis when doing manual stretches?? or is it a decision you gotta make for yourself ? I don’t think I’m doing it properly.

Same here. I get red spots from jelqing and purple spots from stretching. I think you have some blood left in your glans when you pull. When I stretch, I try to “empty” my glans before I grab them by squeezing them. Also baby powder may help since you don’t have to squeeze that hard. I do it but still get purple spots but not as often as before.

OK grip slightly behind the glans. Be careful to not apply too much squeeze to the top of the penis, too many nerves running along there. I go a little easy on the frenulum, too.

Check the “Polls” section. There was a poll there about “how do you grip” or “where do you grip” recently.

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