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Make over to life


Originally Posted by Smallja

And again…..WATER, WATER, WATER! Get a Brita filter to save money…buying bottled water is effin expensive.

Don’t they put fluoride in the tap water in the USA?

Don’t drink that shit, even a Brita filter won’t help with that!

RE-Started (01.10.2012): 4.75'' NBPEL, 4.33'' EG (overall), 3'' NBPFL --- Now: 5.1'' NBPEL, 4.75'' EG (overall), 3.5'' NBPFL

Short-term goal: 5.5'' NBPEL, 4.5'' EG (overall), 3.5'' NBPFL --- Long term goal: 7.5'' NBPEL, 5.5'' EG (overall), 5'' NBPFL

Wish me luck! :)

Haha well that was a lot of text from Smallja, but I need to agree with most of it :)

Also, lucky me, I live in Europe and I can drink my country’s Tap water.

It’s highly monitored and kept good so I save a big bunch of money that I don’t have to buy bottled water.

My Start: BPEL: 15.2cm / 6" Grith: 11cm / 4.3"

Current: BPEL: 15.4cm / 6.1" Girth 11cm / 4.3"

My Long Term Goal: BPEL: 18cm / 7.1" Grith: 14cm / 5.5"

If you want to lose weight you must give up junk like soda and all the fast food crap and start doing cardio. Also just because you eat vegetables doesn’t mean you won’t put on weight. You must reduce carbohydrates and replace them with protein. POtatoes, rice, bread, they all turn to fat. Eat fish, chicken breast, grapefruits, those type of foods.Give up sugary foods, sweets, cookies, beer, sodas. Run for at least 30 min a day. Count how many calories you eat daily and include every single snack. I have a friend who went from 98 kg to 69 kg in about 7-8 months but he had a lot of self control. Now he is all ripped and bench-presses 170 kg. But you can’t lose weight if you are not completely committed. You might lose a few kilos but you will relapse and get worse.

Now about you EQ. As a fit guy at exactly you age I can tell you that is poor. Do the newbie routine, jogging (it improves erection) and perhaps you should think about edging so you can last a decent amount of time when having sex.
Good luck man!

Starting 20/02/2013: NBPEL 6 inches; EG 5,85 inches

Current : 7.2 NBPEL

Second Goal : NBPEL 8 inches; EG 6 inches


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