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Major Girth Gain Solution

Major Girth Gain Solution

ULI + Extreme Pumping = ++ Gains in Girth

My story and methods of how I achieved significant gains in length and girth are noted in my other posts.

My starting girth over 30 years ago was about 4.5 inches, I considered it a pencil dick, I.e., is it in yet.

My starting stats were 6.0 BPEL, 4.5 girth

I am currently at 8.5 BPEL, 6.0 glans, 7.0 mid, 8.0+ base.

For the past week I have researched several website forums on PE and have come to a better understanding about how I got to my current stats.

The initial gains in length and girth came from what I have discovered is called “ULI”.

I initially utilized any type of home made adjustable cock strap to trap the blood flow into the penis at the base of the shaft. I then forced, by a milking action below the strap, as much blood as possible into the engorged penis. Eventually the head becomes hard and glossy and the shaft will stretch to its upper limits once the tunica is beyond rock hard.

This exercise causes significant discoloration, and if over done capillary bleeding at the tip of the glans. I can’t remember how many years it’s been since I last saw the natural color of my penis, as well as the true flaccid length.

About 24 months ago I started using an extender for short periods of time and high tension. The BPEL went from 6.75 BPEL to 7.5 BPEL, 5.0 mid girth. All the while I continued my ULI exercises.

Over the past 12 months I began off and on low vacuum pressure pumping, combined with the use of an extender from 6.75 BPEL to 7.5 BPEL, 5.0 glans, 5.5 mid, 6.5 base.

For the next 4 mos I was off and on exercising, resulting in 8.0 BPEL, 5.0 glans, 6.0 mid, 7.0 base.

Essential my largest gains have been achieved in the past month, with a combination of high (over -15 Hg) vacuum pressure for short periods of time followed by extreme ULI exercises, 2X per day, resulting in my current 8.5 BPEL, 6.0 glans, 7.0 mid, 8.0 base.

While pumping, the tip gets to the 8.8+ mark on the tube, and when released goes back to 8.5.

My goal is 10.5 BPEL, 6.5 glans, 7.0 mid, 8.0 base.

Over time I quickly outgrew a 1.75” diam. Cylinder and went to a 12”x2.5”.
I will next be using a 2.25” diam. Cylinder to prevent any addition girth at the base and mid shaft, while allowing for elongation and glans expansion.

What tips would you give to a new guy with 6.5 BPEL x 4.9 MSEG? I am trying to get mainly girth.. Hopefully 6” eventually, but 7-7.5 BPEL

You’re gains are inspiring and astounding.


Originally Posted by Averageblack
What tips would you give to a new guy with 6.5 BPEL x 4.9 MSEG? I am trying to get mainly girth.. Hopefully 6” eventually, but 7-7.5 BPEL
You’re gains are inspiring and astounding.

Your gain from 5.9 BPEL to 6.5 BPEL in two months is fantastic.

Maybe you could give me some pointers since my goal is to add 2.0.

Check out my other posts, all of my methods are described.

Keep with extreme ULI’s as often as you can, sessions typically last 30 minutes.

Do extreme pumping followed by extreme ULI, again total 30 minute combined.

Do not attempt any of the extreme exercises until your unit has been toughened up to minimize the chance of serious injury.

Good luck

Hi BaddJack,

Thanks for sharing and congratulations for your gains.

I have checked your other posts to find details about your routine as you propose. And there is only few informations. You don’t need to spam the board about your data, results, gains and wife’s story, … one post is enough.

So, what is the duration of your extender session, duration of the set, how many days per week, what traction (bpfsl inside the device comparing to the bpel) ?

What is the duration of your pump routine ? duration of the set, days per week ? what is extreme pumping for you (same pression during all the set?)?

Define “home made adjustable cock strap”, what erection level for the uli, what durations ? frequency ?

I have already tried extreme pumping with progressive pression between 10 and 21 HG (3x10 min, every day for one month), I have not noticed particular gains, except momentary penis straightening.

2010.04 : 15.9 x 13.8 | 24,0° [BPEL x MSEG, in cm | left curvature]

2012.04 : 19.2 x 15.9 | 21,3°

2015.05 : 20.3 x 16.3 | 24.3° Progress log - Pictures

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Pics or troll.

Starting November 2013 - BP 18.0 MSEG 14.0

March 2014 - BP 18.3 MSEG 14.5

Foto di Jugg

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