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Lubrication question.

Lubrication question.

Hey I was wondering if there is a lubricant that is the same consistency of baby oil WITHOUT the baby oil smell. Like an odorless oil for jelqing. I’ve tried Vaseline (which I think works horribly) and regular lotion which tends to dry fast. Baby oil has worked wonders for me but the smell bothers me. Anyone?

Olive oil works well.

Ya I use olive oil it doesnt stink and it doesnt dry fast

Baby oil gel comes in different fragrances and odorless as well I believe. I like the gel better than regular baby oil. Baby oil is just mineral oil, so if you can find some generic mineral oil, it should be odor free as you wish.

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There are all kind of vegetable oils which work well for massage, so I assume they would work for PE too. Almond oil might be a good choice. You could use massage oil too, maybe check out Good Vibrations, they had a broad selection last time I was there.

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Having tried a few alternatives - including Vaseline (yuk messy, plus petroleum-based which concerns me) - I have settled on a 50:50 mix of generic body lotion, which is very cheap, and Palmer’s Cocia Butter Stretch Mark Massage Lotion (which also contains added Vitamin E, Collagen and Elastin). It’s not cheap but I reckon my willy’s worth a little pampering. Besides, I don’t want stretch marks and I’d like to avoid discolouration and I have a theory (as yet unproven) that the Palmer’s will help. Incidentally, the Palmer’s has a fairly neutral odour, so you don’t end up smelling like a coconut cookie :D

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Has anyone tried the KY lubricants? I’ve seen some commercials but I don’t know if that’s good for jelqing or not. Also is that odorless? Thanks again for the fast replies.

Maybe it would interest some to investigate fragrances you can add to oil. Body shop. Most girls love coconut. Add a few sprinklings of it in your oil, and hey-presto you’ve got coconut smelling PE lubricant. Blow-jobs the alike to follow a coconut cock.

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KY is water based. It would be much cleaner if it worked for jelking, but my guess is that it doesn’t lubricate well enough for long enough compared to oil based products. Let us know if you try it.

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I like KY (or the much cheaper store brand). When it starts to dry out, just add a few drops of water and it’s good to go again. Easy clean up.

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Use mineral oil. It’s the same as baby oil, but without the smell.

I know this post is kind of old now but does anyone else have a lubricant mixture they would like to share like keraunophile’s? Thanks.

By far & hands down fellas, the VERY best lube is Albolene unscented moisturizing cream & it’s water soluble!!! You can get it at Riteaid drug store, a 12oz tub is about $14. It’s what I’ve used for a couple years now for pumping as well as my jelqing sessions. Hope this helps, Oli

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