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Lubricant of Choice

Lubricant of Choice

Guys put your lubricant of choice for Jelqing here and the why.
I am using Aquaphor, but before I was using Albolene moisturizing cleanser. The albolene was very good but the Aquaphor is thicker and maybe will put more pressure on the ligs and Corpora C.

Also what do you guys thing of water based ones for jelqing?


i use astroglide i find it works well when i do my wet jelqs.

Extra virgin olive oil. It was available in the kitchen when I started out a couple of months ago. Some people maintain it has good medical/therapeutic properties, here the most interesting would be that it stimulates capillary blood flow; it has been used for preventing/healing pressure wounds in elderly care, promoting hair growth/regeneration, etc. For PE purposes I believe it has helped to keep me from injury so far - knock on wood..-, and not too slippery to work with. Also, I note the skin now is completely unaffected after long intercourse sessions, before that could be a slight problem for me. Maybe those are just general effects from wet jelqing, making the skin tougher, more flexible and durable overall.

I am curious, I can get an itchy head the next day after a heavy pe session jelq’s etc

Anyone else experience this ?

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
“I” instead of “i” please JJS. Thanks!!

I am sorry. :)

I was watching a porn documentary one time and the producer would only use WET LIGHT. He actually stopped the shoot and had to pay the porn-stars more for waiting while he sent the person who had bought the wrong lube out to get some WET LIGHT.

By the way, WET is the name of the brand. There is WET LIGHT and WET ORIGINAL. I picked
up some of the LIGHT and it’s good stuff.

I’ve tried extra virgin olive oil too. It’s excellent—a bit messy, though. I normally use a cheap (local chain) version of K-Y Gel. It’s great—much cheaper than the brand name and actually works better (longer). The K-Y peeters out faster.

Sometimes I mix the gel with vaseline. The combo makes for a good, extended wet jelq session.


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I use Vaseline Intensive Care.

Wet Platinum.

It’s a silicone based lube and almost never dries up. Unfortunately, the wife isn’t too fond of it. She prefers Slippery Kitty.

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I’m a newbie and read the following bulletpoint from the front page.

* Unless you’re performing a dry jelq, use lubricant when jelqing. Do not use any kind of soap. Lotion, baby oil, Vaseline, and cocoa butter are all good products that are popular for jelqing.

Based on that, I think I’ll get some Vaseline in the next few days and give it a try. My question is, does it stay wet throughout the whole session (which I take to be 45 minutes or so) or do I have to apply it multiple times to keep my unit wet when it starts to absorb the vaseline?

I like women’s saliva.

But I dry jelq.

Tried the wet jelq before with Lubriderm Lotion and glycerin, but I found that I couldn’t get enough blood up into the top half of my ding-a-ling. Then I got distracted while jelqing and nutted on myself. That defeated the purpose because I got tired after that and wanted a nap before finishing my session.

I do not recommend glycerine - it doesn’t stay oily enough.

So I only dry jelq now.

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I use Foreplay, which is similar to the Wet brand of lubricants

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