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Jelquing lubricant?

Jelquing lubricant?

Hey boyz

I’d like to know what kind of lubricant you guys use for jelquing purposes? I’m looking for something that will maintain lubrication on the dick, but is easy to wash off my hands after exercises… Vasoline takes about 5-10 minutes to wash off; Baby Oil takes slightly less time… anyone here lub up with KY jelly?

I read a post here of a guy that uses vegetable oil, but I don’t recall his handle now. You can try a vegetable oil search here and may find it. It may have been in a thread I also posted in. Also, if you haven’t already, try a lubricant search and see what alternatives turn up. Whatever you do, don’t use shampoo or conditioner. I did that with no problems for a long time but then suddenly my penis became extremely dry and wrinkled up. Thankfully it reverted back to normal after a few days of vaseline use. I’ve stayed with the vaseline.

Do a search for Emu oil, I’ve posted on this before and swear by it and Jojoba.


I use the Target or Walmart equivalent of KY jelly….a lot cheaper. The secret to using the KY, or equivalent, is to start with about 2 one inch gobs to get going, but to have a large bowl of warm water at the ready to dip your finger tips into as the KY dries out. For me, the water keeps me very slick for at least a 45 minute session, without having to add any more KY. Then, clean up is a breeze.

For even more comfort, nuke the KY tube in the micro wave for about 15 seconds and it will be nice and warm. Just tap a little air pocket at the nozzle before you nuke, so the jelly doesn’t burp out when you open it.

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I just use the nice and old vaseline. A bit messy, but nothing a shower can’t solve ;)

ALBOLENE - you can find it with the face cleansers. It’s made with mineral oil. It starts out as a gel and becomes a light liquid with heat (body heat). Works great, can wipe it off with a towel. Leaves the skin silky smooth.


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Thanks for the swift responses, guys

Shit, SeanJacobs! If only you had written slightly earlier, because I went off to the stores for some PE-shopping as soon as I read the first few posts. That stuff you mentioned sounds exactly like the thing I had in mind. Tell me, SJ, is that an ingredient in the face-cleanser, or is it the name of the product? If it’s the ingredient, what product do you recommend?

Couldn’t find any Emu-oil, lewp23- no jojoba either. Instead, I just picked up some vasoline…


Albolene is the name of the product.

It comes in a white container with a dark blue lid. I got it at my local CVS pharmacy.

This is the best stuff I’ve ever used for jelqing, and it doesn’t much of an odor.


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I use Johnson & Johnson baby lotion with vitamin E. Its a white and green bottle…you have to reapply a few times, but it feels great and smells good too.

One foot to go

I use Johnson and Johnson “Baby Oil Gel”. This stuff is oil based so it doesn’t dry out. It has the viscosity of KY Jelly. It seems to be one of the better options, but I’d like to try that Albolene stuff out too. I went to Dominick’s to try to find the “Baby Oil Gel” but I don’t know where it’s sold. I took it from my girlfriends apartment. After I told her it was for PE she obliged.

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