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lube in new zealand, whats the best for jelq

lube in new zealand, whats the best for jelq

whats stores sell it?

do they warehouse, farmers or k mart have it??

whats the best type to use for jelqing

I use vegetable oil. It’s cheap, not mineral-based, and easy to dispense if you put it in a squeeze bottle like those intended for mustard or ketchup.

Don’t use vegetable oil in a shower or bathtub, it gets slippery all over - safety concern.

I tried it - good lube but I went back to good old vaseline for the above reason.

Good point. Don’t need any broken necks! I use it in the bathroom, standing in front of the mirror.

Any other non-water-based liquid lube would have the same problem.

If you don´t want the mess of oil, use moisturizing lotion women use. Every time it dries, you can add some drops of water and it runs well again. That is, if you prefer wet jelq. Otherwise, try dry jelq.

What are some types of vegetable oil that is good

I use a massage oil called Aura Glow. It’s mostly peanut oil which has a nice consistency without being too runny. I’ve never tried pure peanut oil but I would guess it would work equally well. Aura Glow is widely available on the Internet and costs about $4.80 US per 8 oz. Comes in many different scents.

Olive oil works for me and it’s good for your skin. :)

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I think someone asked this last year and the eventual consensus was there is no lube in New Zealand. ;)

But seriously… you need to try a few different types and see what works for you. For example, some vegetable oils are thinner than others. I find that if it’s too thin it’s too slippery, and I can’t get enough grip. Some good ones, like olive oil, have a scent to them that you may not want to have around wherever you jelq. Safflower oil, canola (rapeseed) oil, corn oil and grapeseed oil all don’t have much smell to them. Peanut, sesame, olive, almond, walnut have some or a lot of scent.

I use an oil that’s a combination of vitamin E and safflower oil. It’s unscented and has enough viscosity to allow a better squeeze as I jelq. And the vitamin E heals the skin after I’ve been yanking my cock for two hours.

If you have health food stores around they probably have several different types of massage oils. They work great.

Do you have petroleum jelly in New Zealand? That’ll work, and you can have a little tub in the shower. My feet get cracks in them from walking barefoot so much, so that’s how I justify having it around. You must have a water based lube like KY jelly in NZ. Look around the aisle in the store that has the girl stuff. There should be lube somewhere around there that will work for you.

One thing to remember: if you use an oil based lube you shouldn’t also use it on condoms during sex. It will make the condom break. Get a water based lube for sex.

As Ike said, there is a variety of viscosities available, that’s the beauty of vegetable oil. I’m using canola oil. (Good point about oil & condoms, too).

Plus, after you finish PE, you can toss a shower curtain on the bed & go at it with your significant other! If you use a quart (sorry, liter) or two, its no problem because the stuff is cheap! ;)


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