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Pumpin- Sets and lube


Pumpin- Sets and lube

Hey all!

Just started pumping again on a very regular basis. Use to pump about 10 yrs ago using a homemade pump that served me well. Now using a 1 3/4” x 10” LA Pumps cynlinder and love it! I also have the manual hand pump with gauge, keeping the Hg around 4-5” per sessions.

After reading Avocet 8’s excellent post on pumping it got me started again.
At last check my erect girth was 5 3/4” and length was almost 6”.
I’ve only been at it for 2 weeks now and think I’ve been overdoing it a little.

My schedual goes this way. AM: 30 mins Mid-day: 15 mins PM: 20 min.
Since I’ve been pumping on and off for 10 years I new I could handle that kind on load but have noticed I need to take a day or 2 off for rest.
Getting older takes it’s toal.

I think it’s a lot like hanging which I’ve done that too, you need plenty of rest days to regroup.
I’m changing my schedual to something less agressive.

AM: 30 mins PM: 30 mins 4-5 p/w. This will give me some rest time by cutting out the mid-day sessions. Sound better?

Also, I was wondering about what lube you guys are using. I’ve used all kinds. I’m currently using KY jelly. It dries out some but works really well when using a hot pack around the tube for 30 mins. Water based.

Also used Vaseline which I really don’t like at all. Plus, KY liquid, baby oil, baby oil gel, this stuff is way too greasy and is hard to clean from the tube after each session.

Has anyone used Udder Cream? I read at Tiger I think, that pumpers love this stuff. Anyone tried it?
Oh yea, I used Penis Enlargenment Stuff sold by LA pumps when I bought my pump and have to say that it is the absolute BEST lube I’ve ever used!!

It cost $10 bucks for an 8 once bottle plus shipping so….. it gets a little steap.

I’m going to give pumping at least 6 months but think if I slow down my schedual and include more rest days I’ll see some good gains!!

I think I will “pack” the tube in about another month and then go for length then. Thats what I really want but have to pack it first, then length will come.

What do you guys think of the routine…. workable?

Happy pumping!


You might like shorter sessions. Instead of 30 min sets in the tube (sounds like you’re saying), break that up into three 10 minute sets with exercises between them. Although this might extend your total PE time per session, a lot of guys feel they get better gains with shorter sets.

I am still sold on “Probe” as a lube for pumping, with vaseline around the base flange for a seal. Probe has the exact consistency of pre-cum, is water soluble. Like all water soluble lubes it dries quicker than oil-based but slower than KY. It’s also very nice indeed for sex.



I use Ponds deep cleansing cream. Its nice and clean, has a massaging effect and also provides an excellent seal around the base if required.

Thanks for the replys guys.

I agree with you avocet8 in regard to breaking up the sets, good idea. I probably do need to do some jelking in between sets to encourage gains.

I have a Power Jelk and tried it after 1- 2 pump sessions but my pecker seems spongy and mushy (lymph and fluid). Do you think using it would do any good after pumping? I’ve always heard it’s better to milk after pumping or hanging sessions instead of before hand. I think that’s good advice.

I usually do some long massages after 30 mins in the tube to knock out the bumps and knots and get the blood flowing again.

Like I said though, I think I’ve been overdoing it just a bit cause now I seem to be losing some of the heaviness that I gain during the sessions. Little buddy seems tired and erections seem a little slow.

Good news. Took 2 days off and erections are back to normal.

1 hour per day just seems to much right now and will back off to 30 mins per day for a while and see what happens. Then up the sessions times as needed.

I’ve been trying to cement the gains but probably trying a little to fast.
I think I’ll also go to a 2 day on and 1 off routine to get in more rest days.

Where do you get the Probe lube you mentioned? Is it available at Walmart, CVS etc?

Ponds cleansing cream sounds interesting. Something that lubes good and cleans up nice is great. Both products sound really good to use.

Avocet8, it’s really great you gained 1” in length in 3 months!
Did you use short sets and milking to get that amount of gain?
Also, my tube is about .25” larger than my normal flaccid girth so it’ll be a while before I pack that tube, month or so.

Did you start with a narrow tube (about the same size as your flaccid size)
and work on getting length only, or work with a little bigger tube to get girth, then length?

I’ve thought about getting a narrow tube but think 1.5” is a little too small.
But might be just the trick to get length gains faster. Then work up to my current tube after I seal in some gains. What do you think?


Happy pumpin!



I’ve been using Glyde which is a non oil based lubricant that really lasts.Get it at You can buy a large economy size jar for real savings.

Like Avocet, I am breaking up the pumping by doing jelks (100) after every ten minutes of pumping, but unlike Avocet, I am using much higher negative pressures e.g. 10- 15 inches Hg..That is a very individual thing, and you have to find the point where you feel the pull but are not uncomfortable.

Have also ( like you) been - very carefully - hanging weights. Carefully because I don’t want to repeat the penile nerve injury which took a year to regenerate.

Thanks Boxcar for your reply.

I usally set the Hg at 4-5” per set. Any higher feels tight and get red spots on the shaft. I use to go around 6-10 but backed off due to that.

Thanks for the info on Glyde. Sounds good being non-oily. I’ll check it out.

Yea, I was hanging pretty often but just about give on it due to many problems with the hangers. The Grip was my all time favorite but the sleeves give much trouble with sizing and wearing out.

I did get real good leg stretches with it but quit after the Grip guys didn’t send the sleeves as promised.

Actually, I think pumping is a more elegant way to increase gains. It’s simple to do and use compared to hanging weights. I was asking avocet8 about the size tube he started with.

I might downsize to try and cement length then get back to my current tube of 1.75” x 10” in a few months.

I agree with the shorter sets. That’s a better plan. I think I’ll use my Power Jelk after 10 min pump session, then, go 2 more 10 min sessions.

I’m currently using KY jelly as a lube but dries out pretty fast and no good for jelking.

Thanks for the help.

Happy pumpin,

indeed9 wrote: “I’ve always heard it’s better to milk after pumping or hanging sessions instead of before hand. I think that’s good advice.”

I’m not convinced that’s even important. I’ve always jelked prior to pumping, following each pumping set with another 100 kelks. At the end, if I’m pumped up, I don’t bother massaging again. Like you said, massage tends to deflate things and I’d rather stay somewhat engorged and try to heal micro-tears in that state than smaller.

If I wrote somewhere that I gained an inch in 3 mos, that is not accurate. More like 4 or a bit more. I agree with Peforeal. We had similar experiences - nothing but pumping when we first started and both of us got good gains just from that. Would they have really been “cemented” over time without the addtion of other PE excercises? I doubt that very much.

Pumping gives wonderful tissue expansion, increase of cavernosa capacity over time. But it’s the lig stretches, the Uli’s, the rest of the PE exercises that add the “lime” to the cement mix, if you will.

Keep working, only at levels that feel good to you and make you look good after. If you can’t get a hard-on awhile after your PE, either your higheset head is very tired or your dick is whipped. In all this, keep in mind that good sex is the object. What’s the point of a big dick that doesn’t go up when you need it to?



Avocet 8. That’s some excellent advice!! I’ll keep it light and incorparate more jelking.

I’m sure over time it will cement the gains from taking it slower and lisenting to my body.

All that matters is my little buddy working properly in the end.

Thanks for the help!


Tube size

You said your circumference is 5.75 inches. That makes the diameter of your penis 1.8 inches. I think that a tube of 1.75 would be too small,and since they enlarge in quarter inch increments, you’d best go with a 2 inch tube.

I tried to lengthen with a 1.75 inch tube( which was a stuffing ) and it was so erotic , I chucked it for a 2 inch tube and that is working well. But it mainly gives girth - some length to be sure , but I am convinced I can get greater length by stretching or hanging (very carefully to avoid penile nerve damage).

Jelking ,as Avocet says will work and I enjoy them- especially 100 jelks then 10 minutes tube at 10-15 inch pull ,then jelk again. But the amount of vacuum pressure is very very individual.

Also- don’t neglect long hard repetitive Kegels. An absolute must!

tube size

I took the measurment of 5.75” a few hours after a good pump session while I was still up pretty good. After about 12 hrs it probably goes back to 5.25 - 5.5”. Thats more realistic of normal size.

I must be skinnier than you. I don’t do any stuffing to go into a 1.75” tube after a 24 hr period. The next day, If I’m not still pumped some I need to use a thick lube with the 1.75” tube and hope my balls don’t get sucked in…ouch!

That’s why I’ve actually thought of trying a 1.5” tube for better length gains. Start out with the smaller tube in the morning a work up to the 1.75” afterward. What formula do you use to get to diameter of the penis?
You said 5.75” = 1.8” dia. I wasn’t to hot at geometry in school.

I’ve taken yours and avocet’s advice and started jelking again which does bulk- up your tool before using the 1.75” tube. It really does help with dia a lot!!

I have a Power Jelk and it does wonders. Are you over your nerve damage from hanging? Man, that had to hurt. The only thing I noticed with hanging using the Grip is a loss of sensitivity in the head. I don’t use it any more and now just pump and jelk as my main routines.

Would you consider using an ADS after pumping? I have one and use to use it for a couple of hrs after hanging heavy weights but not sure if it’s beneficial after pumping since that mainly builds girth, not length.
Any suggestions?



I use shave cream! It’s not original….I found it at Robert Young’s Phoenix5 site
I do not care for lubes…I had a new cylinder from LAPD that sat unused for nine months because I needed to lube my dick.

It was June ’01 that I began using shave cream. I don’t Jelq a lot but sometimes I’m in mood…after my dick comes out of cylinder…I wet my palms some and there sufficient residual shave cream on shaft to Jelq.

Main advantage I like about shave cream…I only rinse out my cylinder(s) every 7 – 10 days….coating of shave cream on inner walls is essentially a detergent so risk of infection is non-issue IMO.

Shave cream also forms a good seal between my dick base and inner cylinder wall….shave creams foams up a little while pumping.

OR eon
65 yo

Figuring your diameter tube

C= circumference, D = diameter. The formula is C=Pi times D. Pi is 3.1416
So if your penis is 5.75 inches in circumference , The diameter tube needed would be 5.75 divided by 3.1416 = 1.83 inches. Now that is going to be stuffed in a 1.75 inch tube! As for me, my flaccid circumference is 6.3 to 7 inches so I am packing a 2 inch tube.

Hanging: Still the best way for length is to stretch or hang but injuring the penile nerve can occur. It does not hurt- it just removes all sensation from the head of the penis—-yuk! Took a year to come back but it will regenerate at a rate of 1 cm per month.

I like Avocets appproach: Jelk and pump. Feels good and looks spectacular.

Jelk and pump, yeap that’s the ticket!

Thanks for the formula Boxcar. Now I remember what Pi was. It’s been a while! I’ll take another measurement today and see just where I stand.
It does look like a 1.75” is about right.

Yes, sensitivity loss is a bad thing. I noticed that mine deminished a lot while using the Grip for many months. After I stopped using it all returned to normal after a time.

I took a look at Glyde at pumptoys and it sounds really good!
Good price too. That should work equally well for pumping and jelking, correct?
KY jelly is alright but is not made for milking at all.

At one point I used Cocca Butter as a lube but you have to reapply very often to keep it going. It’s pretty inexpensive though if anyones interested.

Thanks again

I use vegetable shortening…..such as Crisco, but I buy the generic brands. This stuff is great for jelqing because the air does not dry it, then I slide into the pump. It keeps a great seal. It is dirt cheap. It’s sold in large cans. It is a bit easier to clean up than vaseline.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.


Boxcar wrote “I think that a tube of 1.75 would be too small,and since they enlarge in quarter inch increments, you’d best go with a 2 inch tube.”

I do, too. I was exactly your girth when I started. A 1.75 would have been a cramp for me. Obviously the decision to go to a 2.00 didn’t cut my length gains a bit and I haven’t regretted doing that.

Another factor we haven’t talked about is glans size in choosing a tube size. If your glans is wider than the widest point on your shaft, you are going to have a serious tissue “smoosh” of glans in a 1.75 tube. If that impedes vacuum buildup below, on the shaft, then all the vacuum pull will be on your glans rather than evenly dispersed there and below. This might result in more glans “red spots” than you’d like to see if you do relatively long sets in the cylinder.

If you can afford it, buy both the 1.75 and the 2.00. Many guys work between smaller and larger tubes in the same pump sessions, with good results.



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