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Low Test Levels Morning Wood

Low Test Levels Morning Wood

I’m not sure if I have low test levels, I’m getting them checked soon. Either way, I wanted to ask here if my situation sounds like it:

I get no morning wood, like ever. I never really used to though.

I do have acne. My back is where I get it most, some on chest, minor (very) on face.

I’m VERY aggressive (I.e., I look to fight whenever I can - always loved to spar since I was little), and I snap easy (no, I take no drugs or anything).

I’m 19.

I’m horny very often. For awhile I was having sex with my girl 2-3x a day, but we don’t see one another as much anymore.

So do you think my levels are low, or I just don’t happen to get morning erections? I dunno why else I wouldn’t get ‘em.

Check your prostate. your symptoms cannot be concluded with a low level. I lost my morning wood about 6 or 7 years ago, after that I feel my sex ability became worse and worse, also I got urine problems since the last 4 or 5 years, and finally I was diagnosed with the fucking prostatitis which may has already eroded me for 6 years! be careful about your prostate.

You sound a lot like me. I go for long periods without morning wood. But I have been getting some lately. I think PE has helped in that department.

What are your energy levels like? Low energy level is a prime symptom of low test. Blood test is the only way to really know. I’ve never had the tests done but I have done a few cycles of 6-oxo and I’m pretty certain my test levels jump while on it. I get acne when on it and much more aggressive.

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