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I went to see my enocrinologist and my testosterone level is very low

I went to see my enocrinologist and my testosterone level is very low

For the past several years, I’ve been feeling tired, not concentrating, and low libido. So yesterday I went to see an endocrinologist and the visit alone was $250, the doctor drew blood from me for a testosterone check and he told me that he will speak to me tomorrow morning (which is today). So this morning before I went to work, I purchased a bottle of of Python which has Tribulus Terristris (500mg) from this store:;$sessionid$NTWF2KFG4LO2QCQUAOWSFE QKCQB1AGXK?SkuID=11&BreadCrumbType=SearchResult
I took the recommended dose which is 2 tablets this morning.

At work, the doctors office called me and the doctor told me that my level is 238 (very low), the normal range for my age is 280-800. I’m very concerned about this. The doctor told me, “we have get more blood tests from you to find out why it’s so low. Something could be wrong with your pituary gland, hormonone imbalance, etc.” The test which is called Prolactin Estradiol Testosterone Lh, Fh would cost me $550.00, and I have no insurance to cover it, I told the doctor “I’ll think about”.

I happened to work in a hospital and went to the chemistry department. I regret not having my testosterone checked in the chemistry lab. Anyway, I spoke to a supervisor in the lab today and explained to him the whole ordeal and he said that one of his lab techs can do the Prolactin Estradiol Testosterone Lh, Fh test on me for free. I was surprised, I had no idea I was going to get tested again today. If I had known I wouldn’t have taken the Python product which contains Tribulus Terristris extract (500mg). Would that defeat the whole purpose of the new test? I’m going to get the results back tomorrow morning will it show a much higher testosterone level due to the tribulus?

I dont think the tablet would give you an instant hormone boost though Ive heard of patches along these lines, I expect even they would take more then 24hr

Mike, I am in a similar situation as you are. I have a thread on this forum also asking similar questions.

When you go to the doctors you don’t get any straight answers. You read the information on the internet and you have to try to find a thread of truth in what you read. My testosterone was tested at 290. My doctor said that the range of the lab they use is 280 to 900 ng/dl. The doctor said that 290 is okay. But on 2 different sites I read that the range is 300-1100 and other it was 300-1200. Plus my LH is low. He did admit that.

I do have insurance but I can’t get to see an endocrinologist unless this GP guy refers me. Or else my insurance won’t cover it.

My feeling is that this General Practioner doesn’t know that much about my problem. But from what I read I should have a testosterone level of around 600 ng/dl. Also the low LH could be an indication of a malfuctioning pituitary gland. Luteinizing hormone (LH) produced in the pituitary gland is what tells the testes to produce testosterone.

But I guess old depressed guys that can’t get a boner are not top medical priorities. :(

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Well I got my Prolactin Estradiol Testosterone Lh, Fsh results back today and the doctor told me everything is normal except my AFP. He said my Alpha-Fetoprotein is low at <1.3. Below linearity. He said the machine couldn’t pick up the exact number because it was so low. He told me to see my endocronolist about the results. What does this low number mean? Anybody?

Intriguing, I’d like to know if the ranges are different per race? I’ve read several studies stating asian men have less testosterone as well as smaller testes.

Personally I probably am a bit high on testosterone level. I am an easy gainer (muscle) , slight hair on chest even.

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