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Ok, you will gave to forgive me. I have already read the information on LOT and I kind of understand it. I just need some things cleared up for me.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Your saying that if you pull your penis up to 9-12 and the head doesn’t move back much and the base flexes then that means that you have I high LOT, therefore you chances for growth are greater. But if you pull your penis from lets say 8-6 and you don’t get any pullback then you have a low LOT and a less chance of stretching you lig anymore.

When I do it I get more of a pull back the higher up I go. When I pull down the less it moves, but I feel a strong flex like it wants to jump up. Does an upward curve have anything to do with it? Because it feels like to me that when I do pull down that I would be stretching the top of the ligs therefore pulling more of the inner penis out. BIb maybe you can shed some light on this for me. Please help!


Lot Q2

I forgot to ask, which method should you use to determine your LOT. Should you be hard, semi hard, or flaccid when you do it.

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