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I’ve tried measuring my LOT. Tugback is visibly reduced in the mirror at about 9 oclock (perpendicular to the body). How much length can someone expect to gain with a lot of 9?

Also, what exercises are best to take advantage of this?

I don’t know that length is really limited by your LOT. It is however an indicator that you may get good initial gains from lig stretching.

Its probably best to stretch at angles below your LOT to take advantage.

I hope that helps.

Ok, how much initial gains could one expect?

In the first few months, anywhere from none to 1” in length. Some guys gain quickly at first, and others don’t see progress until later. It varies tremendously.

Everyone is different, I don’t think there is a formula anywhere out there. [Edit: twatteaser secretly spoke with Bib and is hiding out in his secret laboratory on the South Shores of New Jersey with the formula.] For me - I think my LOT at each of the 3 degree’s 12->9 9->6 is about 1 inch. I think most people are close to this that I heard about before. Sorry too tired to try to research all the LOT threads, take my word for it. :D

Hope some of this helps.

-Tom “Unquenchable Thirst” Foolery

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