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LOT Question... still can't find my LOT?

LOT Question... still can't find my LOT?

Well I’ve read Bib’s thread like 3 times and I know your supposed to be sitting down, grab your “unit” by the rim and pull out about “50% hard” [not just yankin' it out]. You then “aim the head” straight up so it’s basically pointing to your chin/face (or if there was a clock going vertically through your body, it would be 12 O’Clock), while “aimed” up there you then do a quick kegel [1 second] and try to notice if the “head” retracts back through the skin (though I’ve also noticed you can just look at the base and see if it ‘moves’). You then move to “11 O’Clock” [as if there’s a bubble your outlining with clock measurements from 6:00 - 12:00] and perform another quick kegel and try to notice if the “head” retracts there as well, or if you basically notice a copy in movement as when you did the ‘12 O’Clock’ one. You keep doing this until you get from 12:00 to 6:00 and you try to basically notice what “time” did your “head” retract the least and/or there was least movement.

Only thing is, I seem to be getting the same movement for ALL times! I don’t understand if I’m doing something wrong or what, but I can’t find my ‘LoT’ because of it, it just seems that all “times” are giving the same “T” (T= Tugback= The retracting of the head, etc.).

Any help on this would be appreciated, since I obviously can’t determine basically how “loose” my ligs are, etc… And I know if I have a ‘high LoT’ (typically 7:30 or above) I’ll get gains pretty quickly just starting off alone.

Did you see Kog’s Concise version?

Bib’s LOT Theory 101

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by Endow
(though I’ve also noticed you can just look at the base and see if it ‘moves’).

Actually you need to be looking at the head. If just the shaft is moving then you have pst your LOT. So really, no you can’t just watch the shaft and determine your LOT. The LOT is based on the head tugback.


I thought you did it standing up.

Originally Posted by KOG
Visualize a LOT clock around the penis while standing sideways to a mirror so that the penis is parallel with the surface of the mirror. Grasp the penis and perform and hold a light stretch, being sure not to pull so tight that the tugback will be hindered when kegeling. Position the penis so that it is pointing straight up, that is, at 12:00. Begin kegeling and slowly moving the penis down, watching in the mirror. While kegeling over and over again and lowering the penis, observe closely for the moment that the tugback stops. Visualize the LOT clock, the direction in which the penis is pointing when the tugback is no longer visibly noticeable is the LOT for that penis. Looking at the LOT clock diagram provided, imagine that the penis stopped being pulled back into the body while pointing at 9:00. The LOT for that penis is 9:00, just as it is in the diagram. If tubback is lost between 7:00 and 8:00, then the LOT is 7:30.

This is from KOG’s clarification (condensing) of Bib’s original post. I beleive you are supposed to be standing. (bolding put in by me for emphasis)


Hmm, I still can’t seem to get my LOT. It just seems that I’m getting the same “tugback” at every angle. I can feel the head “retracting” against my finger at about any angle as well, so that’s also my back-up proof for this statement. Does anybody happen to know what the problem may be? You do it flaccid don’t you? At first it seemed to “stop” tugging back at 6:00 (literally) and I was like “no fucking way” so then I went back to about 9:00 and it didn’t really tug back there either. Went up to 12:00 again just to make sure and it tugged back, so I don’t understand what I may be doing wrong?

Any further would be appreciated, and thanks for those that already posted, it helped. Now off to search these forums for info on hot wraps as I currently have no idea how to do it, I thought I heard of somebody/people using some brand of something but I don’t remember what. Feel free to throw in your 2 cents on this as well if you want. Thanks again! :cool:

you are looking for the point where you stop _seeing_ the tugback, not stop _feeling_ it.
Besides yeah it is done in a completely flaccid state and using a moderate pull while standing without thrusting your hips.
Moderate pull here means: Don’t pull any harder than you need to to see a tugback anywhere on the clock.

Good luck ;)


Don’t become too odsessed with finding you LOT. Give it another shot trying to see the tug back, not feel it. If the shaft and the head are moving then you have past your LOT (you may very well have an extremely high LOT). But like I said, don’t obsess about it. It’s more a guideline then a hard and fast rule (excuse the pun). Just learn where you feel the pull the most when you do your stretches and I think that can be just as effective as finding your LOT. Hope this helps.


Hmm.. I’m not trying to be difficult so don’t get me wrong here :p , and I see what you guys are saying. I guess my LOT is about 7:00 or 7:30? I’m not sure because even still the only time I can actually see about a millimeter length movement is when I have it at 12:00 and at about 9:30 it really kind of starts not having that “millimeter of tugback.” Just trying to explain so you can get a visual of when your doing it I guess, because I think you guys would be able to help better if you can relate to it obviously [also because I just tend to explain alot of things in-depth so people who need help with the same problem know exactly what’s going on].

And about the thing you [ynarevith73] said about if both the shaft and head move then I’ve past my LOT, well when I do it at 12:00 my head tugs back, and my shaft does the movement thing. It’s like it (the shaft) “contracts” or something and the “contraction movement” increases as it gets closer to the base, that’s movement am I correct? If not, I don’t know what else would be.

Also, what is recommended for my routines then if indeed my LOT is [seemingly] 7:00 - 7:30. I thought I heard something about Tunica stretching or something for 7:30 and below, but that’s all I really remember about the LOT when it’s 7:30 and under, mainly because I never thought my LOT would be that low? I’m still young, and I guess I thought that would mean I had a higher LOT. Feel free to throw in any other 2 cents about anything in here or that you just want to say, thanks again to everybody that’s helping, this really is a forum with great support and it shows in threads like this, you guys just don’t give up on helping somebody :cool: . By the way I’m interested in finding my LOT because I thought when I’m doing my jelq’s/etc., that’s the direction/angle I need to be pulling/stretching it in.

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