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Loss of sensitivity along shaft skin

Loss of sensitivity along shaft skin

Is it possible to cause a loss of sensitivity on the shaft skin from pe? Could it be caused from jelqing with too much lube causing friction? Will this sensitivity come back after a rest from pe after the skin heals? Thanks

PE exercises can definitely induce loss of sensitivity. My recommendation is taking a break until you regain sensitivity. From there, go easy on yourself.


Well what do you guys reccomend? Putting lotion on the shaft or just leaving it alone all together for a while? Will sensitivity return to normal?

Yes, there might be some loss of sensitivity caused by friction on the skin. If you stop the exercises that are causing the friction, it will return to normal.

There are two types of jelqing, Dry and Wet. If you do Dry, don’t need any lubricant, if you do Wet, you’d need one. It may be baby oil, Vaseline, some people use olive oil, KY gel, etc. any product that will provide lubrication can be used. However, be careful about the composition and that it does not contain irritant substances such as alcohol.

Take care,

Yes, I am going to stop. I think I actually jelqed with too much lube (baby oil) to where the penis was slick with absolutley no resistance. Thanks.

Not really numb more just like the skin on the shaft doesn’t have any sensitivity. Should I use cream? Does loss of sensitivity = numb? I don’t know

Anytime you feel numb is a sign that something is wrong. Take a brake and look back at what may have cause this. You should never feel pain or numbness. It may be too much of something, everyone is different.

As the others said, definitely take a break.

I don’t understand how lube can cause more friction though, in my limited experience I would have thought lube reduced skin friction.

Well I think I might have put to much lube and was jelqing to fast. That can cause friction. The glans seem ok as far as sensitivity is seems more along the shaft where there is a loss. Could I have damaged some nerves?

Loss of sensitivity is linked to nerves damage on some level, albeit probably less sever in this case. I know what you mean by loss of sensitivity as opposed to numbness. Either is no good and the only way to fix it is time off from PE. While I will not say that you are incorrect in your theory of too much much, I think you should also consider that maybe you had increased the total time under tension too quickly (cummulative duration of stretching in your jelking sessions). Also, you may have been applying too much Resistance (pull against the penis) too quickly.

The reason why I am offering my thoughts this freely is that this has been the one problem for me in my PE career so far, and while my results have been very good I get very frustrated when I have to take time off just when I seem to really be getting somewhere. Since this has been my singular problem and it has caused me to have to take three different breaks, I think a LOT about it!

Take it easy. Remember the tortoise and the hare. Be the tortoise.

- poke

I also suffer from a loss of sensitivity. I think part of it is to blame to extensive masturbation sessions (also during relationships) and wearing lose boxer shorts instead of briefs (since one and a half year, gone back to briefs now), a lot of friction during walking.

I remember when I could not stand a blow job one and a half year ago, because I was too sensitive on my gland. Now I can feel ‘something’ and my shaft is less sensitive too.

Can infrared heating or other warmth help to heal the nerves?
Or certain creams (I use olive oil or sunflower oil for lube)

I have just recently started PEing. I have used the device (a traction stretcher) maybe 10 times for maybe 45 min each time, and at little traction at all, and have noticed that the skin that is being stretched, the part that is between where it connects and my body, seems different than the rest of it. It seems thicker and not nearly as sensitive as the rest or as it used to be. I can barely feel when I touch it. However, if I pinch or scratch it I can feel it, so I have feeling. The part that is locked into the device, maybe an inch, is totally normal. Is this normal? It has been a couple of months and the sensitivity has not fully returned. Will it ever come back? Is this nerve damage or just thicker skin? If it is nerve damage will it come back eventually? Thanks.

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