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Hi all,

Been around the forums and active in PE for several months now, but seemed to miss this thread. I recently got an extender, but have had some issues with finding a good way to wrap when using it. It’s a noose style one from Leluv, which I’ve seen mixed opinions about on here but I figured I’d start with the cheaper ones and gauge interest there. After using it for about 45 minutes it was very uncomfortable to take the noose off, as it has taken moisture from under the glans, and the day after the area it was at and my glans were quite dry. I’m guessing it may of been too tight or in need of a good wrap of some kind.. Any ideas on this matter or way to prevent it would be appreciated!

Using Electric Muscle Stimulant

I am wondering if corpora cavernosa can gain in mass with the use of electric exercising device like in the picture. Has anyone tried it?

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Hi All

Hey I’m new to the form and I’m looking to gather as much information as I can to get some successful gains.

Hi all, first time poster here

Hi All,

I have had tried PE on and off almost a decade ago but never stuck to it. I have always been conscious of my penis size.
So wanted to move forward and properly be part of this community rather than just lurking on the sidelines.

So a friendly hello to all of you.

Yeah! I love this place. Let the GAINZ BEGIN!

Just found out this site again


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