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Looking for tutorial for edging

Looking for tutorial for edging

Hi, I am trying to get an understanding of correct way to do edging.

Finding that when I am ready to pop I don’t know if I sit and wait

Or do kegels to hold back.

Practice a lot. Really. Who cares if you spaff everywhere?
You can either Kegel like crazy and hold it in, which sortve works but it won’t be long till you get to the same point again.
Or you can get to the point and really closely reach the point of “no return” and ejaculate without orgasm and get back to business. You need to go slowly when you’re close and listen to your body. I normally don’t touch anything or move for about 5s before and really focus on what I need to do. Totally relax and try and replicate the feeling of urinating (relaxed PC muscles).

You probably need to be able to Kegel it in before you can control it that well. But the more you orgasm the more you can analyse which muscles are involved and can target them effectively.

Some people don’t want to ejaculate due to hindering T levels, but good sleep gets them up and a think a good orgasm is a sure fire way to a good nights sleep.

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I’m not sure if I’m doing it right either to be honest. I’ll watch some porn n stroke away till I’m about to go then I stop. Wait till I’m about semi erect and start up again. I usually bust after the 3rd try.b4 I actually bust theres a bit of pre cum dripping from my penis when I start to lose my erection. I havn’t done this enough to get use to it yet though. So far I havn’t notice a difference though as I still pre cum when I masturbate on my off days.

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