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Looking for a new method of PE

Looking for a new method of PE

Hey guys, I’ve been using the Andropenis for about 5 months now. I don’t use the silicone loop because it keeps slipping out all the time. Instead, I used electrical cable sleeving which is very hard, thick and uncomfortable. I cut it into 2 pieces so that they interlock and I use a hose clamp to tighten it around my penis. There are 2 holes that I bore on the cable just below the head of the penis, so that I could use a shoelace to tie my stretched penis through the 2 holes of the Andropenis device. Ofcourse I haven’t seen any gains yet because I only do this for an hour every day, due to a lack of time. I don’t have the time as some people do. Now, that’s the reason why I am looking for a new method of PE. I’m really interested in an ADS, so that I could use it while working. That would be perfect for me, so that I could PE for more hours even while working. Any information on how to build simple ADS devices (stretchers or hangers) would be appreciated, once it doesn’t cut off too much blood flow to the head of the penis. I kind of like the idea of vacuum suction devices but don’t know how to make one or what I could use as a substitute for one. Where I’m from, they don’t sell these type of devices. We only have the Andropenis.

Many buy a vac modification on You can try do a homemade cap and have an idea if it is what you need

homemade vacuum cap

Look at the very first thread in the Hangers Forum. Not very hard to find this stuff.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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