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Level of Discomfort?

Level of Discomfort?

Hey boys,

Just wondering how much discomfort one ‘should’ feel when performing wet jelqs? What I mean to say is, how much pressure should one feel on the upstroke? I have not really been feeling any discomfort during my recent jelquing sessions, and I haven’t really altered the amount of pressure I place on my cock. I used to feel slight discomfort in the glans and upper shaft region, but not any more for some reason. I normally jelq at about 40-50% semi-erect.

Also: When I finish my jelq sessions, I notice that only about half my shaft is red and swollen- the rest appears normal. Is this OK, or will this cause a baseball effect in the future?


Sounds like you’re getting used to doing them. A slight discomfort in the beginning is normal. If you’re concerned with the baseball bat effect you might try RB’s dry jelq technique. Uncut guys usually have enough skin to try it. Using that jelq style you can start your stroke a bit lower on the shaft.

Thanks for the link, West.

The dry jelq sounds really great- I was just having a bit of difficutly visualising (and hence internalising) the actual procedure. Do you grab hold of the midshaft to begin with, and then retract the skin all the way to the base, and then squeeze and jelq? Or do you squeeze the midshaft, retract the skin (still squeezing) to the base, and then jelq? Also, wouldn’t this create more turkey-neck, since we are now pulling the foreskin forward (all the way to the head)?


You should gently squeeze the skin mid-shaft and pull it to the base, then compress your fingers on both sides and jelq toward the head. The loose skin acts as your lubricant. Turkey neck is probably unavoidable for most guys, but uncut fellows might not develop as much.


One last question: should I be hard (if so, what hardness?) or soft during dry jeqls?


Jelqs of any kind (wet or dry) seem to be most effective if you are 70-80% erect. Too hard and you’ll injure yourself. Too soft and the pressure won’t be great enough to cause the stress on the cells that help them grow.

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