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Erect level in jelqing

Erect level in jelqing


I started newbie routine yesterday. I am having problem adjust my erect level. I know 60% -70% is the best, but it is too hard to keep this level all the time. Sometimes higher and sometimes lower.

I know most you guys been doing this for a while, any tips on keeping the level at what I want?



Hi, I just finished today’s routine. Still hard to control the erect level. Sometimes 40% of full erect, sometimes full erect, do those count?


Hi, sorry, another question about jelq:

After doing that, I felt my penis slightly burnt, not pain though. Is this the right feeling?


Most important is that you do a warm-up. Especially when jelqing with higher erection %..

For me it depends, I start with around 50% , low hanging, and change during my jelq time, but i never let it drop under 50%. For me it feels good when after a stroke my glans feels really full. When i do higher erection jelqing, up to 80% maybe, I try not to press too hard to prevent injuries. Just try out and after a few workouts you’ll have routine in what you’re doing and will find the answer to your question yourself. Good Luck

^ Yeh, I agree. It’s gotta feel full but spongy. Not hard. If it’s hard wait a while, think pure thoughts, and control your breathing (in with nose three seconds, out with mouth for six is a good one). In time you cock’ll condition to be at ‘50%’ when jelqing and/or stretching. Just be patient - patience is the key to success in all aspects of PE.

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