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Length gains w mild ED

Length gains w mild ED

I am 23 years old and I’m at about 4.75x5 fully erect (on Viagra.) I have mild ED problems. Without taking viagra/etc I have a difficult time becoming or staying fully erect. I also have an issue where, upon arousal, an abnormal amount of precum “leaks” out. It is beyond the few drops that would be considered normal - it just flows out and leaves me with a less-than-ideal erection. I have been to doctors but was simply told it was psychological and given some samples of ED drugs to try. Without being able to actually show them the ridiculous amounts of precum they had a difficult time understanding why I didn’t feel it was normal. The drugs (Viagra and Levitra) essentially took care of the erection problem.but I don’t think I should need to be reliant on ED drugs at 23. I have the same issues whether I’m alone or with a woman.

Basically I’m hoping to accomplish 2 things. I would like to improve the quality of my erections and also increase the size (primarily length.) If I could reduce the amount of precum that leaks out that would be a bonus.although I feel like both issues could easily be the same issue.

What routine(s) would work best for my current situation? Any gain in erection quality and length would change my life. The confidence it would give me would probably just compound the positive effects. I’m tired of my semi-erect 4 inch penis slipping out constantly during intercourse. The only good sex I have is on Viagra and even then the side-effects of the drug combined with my lack of size makes for very mediocre sex. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also - I’ve read over the newbie routine and I completed my first session today. I’m just wondering if there is anything that anybody can add that may somewhat address my specific problem.

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Kegel’s should help alot EQ. But ED it’s not just a matter of EQ; ED can have many causes, so you could need to discover what’s the specific cause of yours.

Have you had the prostate checked?

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I to have mild ed but due to an injury I had in that area while at a mixed martial arts tournament, I’m also only 26. Just start out slow on the exercises do not over do it the first couple months then build up. This should help you with your ed problems. As far as the pre cum I have that problem too but I’m not sure what to tell you to do to fix it, mine finaly stoped about a year ago.

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