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Leg strap ADS, beneficial or not?

Leg strap ADS, beneficial or not?

As anybody who’s worn an ADS with a leg strap can tell you, the tension that’s applied throughout the day can vary. When you sit down the strap becomes slack, etc. Is this constant variation in the tension of the ADS good for the penis? I vaguely remember reading somewhere that a scientific study showed that cyclic stretching of tissue repeatedly only serves to strengthen/toughen it.

Is there a way of keeping the tension as close to a constant as possible with an ADS? I have a TLC tugger. Maybe if I were to wear the the tugger with the penis stretched to the side and the strap around my waist this would create a more constant tension, as it eliminates the action of the leg when sitting down/standing up. I also have an extender, but find that totally impractical as an ADS as I work in the care sector and sometimes do 14 hour shifts. I’m also gonna invest in the new TLC weighted system, but yet again, hanging a small weight off the end of your dick as an ADS there is bound to be a variation in tension depending on whether you’re sitting down or standing up, although less so than a strap as the effect of gravity is constant.

Feel free to pipe in guys :)

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Here is what I use:

Another All Day Stretch ADS Idea

I have no conclusions about it’s effectiveness for gaining length. But I use it when I can’t be in the extender. Better than nothing concept. I don’t worry about cyclic conditioning as the weight pull is low and the variation when walking minimal. Definititely improved flaccid hang, but whether due to this or PE overall, it would be impossible to say.

It is pretty stealthy also. I can wear it at work, stand and sit all day long.

Looks good Ectospasm, how long have you been using it for?

Goal 7 NBP X 5.5 MEG - the perfect penis size in my opinion.

Several weeks now. The line tied to it is adjustable (adjustable grip hitch knot) so I can vary the tension on the spring also.

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
It sucks for circulation of the leg. Do not recommend.
Extender or silicone sleeve(with weights attached if liked).

Not at all. The strap is both wide enough and loose enough to not place any compression on the leg whatsoever. I thought abought making a foot strap but after utilizing it this way, it was unnecessary.

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