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Least amount of time to hang


Originally Posted by alin
Maybe because when manual stretching, you apply a greater force than with a hanger(especially for begginer-intermediate levels) ?

I agree and also believe that to get the benefit from hanging, you have to reach fatigue and ride the fatigue. For thus reason, I think more sets at moderate weight is the best approach. Those using excessive weight hang for shorter periods which some argue is equally or more effective. Maybe 40 minutes of hanging with stretching also thrown in will work. But I’m not sure 40 minutes daily of only hanging at light or moderate weight will yield much results.

Current (Sept 15, 2011) BPEL - 7.6 MSEG - 5.8

Goal 8 x 6 (preferably NBPEL)

I always start off with about 10 minutes manual stretching before going into a 20 minute hanging session where I’m up to 11 pounds. That’s because I want to make sure I get at least the manual benefits if my hanging is too short. I did try an experiment where I hooked a luggage scale up to my redi-stretcher to see how much manual force I pull. It pretty much maxes out around 10 pounds and I can’t hold that for 20 minutes. I’m sure with a good grip you can really pull harder for very short periods but its hard to fatigue your penis before your hand and arm. I guess the only way to know for sure is to check your PI’s and your BPFSL every month to make sure you’re not just stalled out. One other hanging point is I think hitting multiple angles is very important. Think of a clothes hanger if you bend it multiple ways you soften it up and make it more pliable. Of course with metal it will eventually snap but you get the idea.


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