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Lack of pumped up appearance

Lack of pumped up appearance

If I do not have a pumped appearance after the workout, is this due to masturbating too much?

It could be for a lot of reasons. If you are just starting, it is a little early to start getting the lasting pumped appearance. If you have been at it for a couple of weeks, then perhaps your jelq technique is too light, or even too hard. When you get good at jelqing you should stay at about a 80 to 90 percent erection level and each jelq stroke should create an internal pressure that expands the shaft as you slide your hand forward.

Why does everyone want to make masturbation the evil that negates all the good about PE?

Judeo-Christian culture?

Oh, Thunder beat me to it. ;)

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

To answer the original question, like Gprent said, it could be many things. Including this: just your personal makeup. I mean, you might be doing everthing right, and might even get gains, and yet not have a good pump after PEing.

I think there are many people that have serious turtling after PEing in different ways, and yet still reap the benefits. (Although, like you see to, I much prefer the pumped-up-edness, and do my utmost to prevent turtling. [Search Ace Bandage and TheraP wraps…])

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Originally Posted by commanderblop
Judeo-Christian culture?

Jews have no problem with spanking - it’s the Catholics fault. :D

Originally Posted by commanderblop
But they do with spanking the monkey, methinks. ;)

But, a lot of Jews don’t actually believe in God.

And a lot of Jews are liberal, so even if they believe, they would think God would be OK with it… :shrug:


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I wonder if G-d masturbates?

Well if HE is in the form of man..

It is almost an incurable affliction of the male form.. If anything it’s HIS fault! :D

The original poster’s question contains hardly any useful information. Routine, diet, exercise, schedule, ejaculation frequency and timing in relation to PE…just a few minor pieces of information that could help.


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