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Where can we found it? Which foods - diet containes much of this ingredient?
Any known vitamins which contain L-Arginine?

P.S. Tried the search but havent found answers to m questions specially the 2nd one

Sorry for not answering your question, but what is L-Arginine?

This is what I am trying to find out

It stimulates peripheral vasodilatation.

It also seems to play a role in the development and metastasis of cancer.
Arginine and Cancer; The American Society for Nutritional Sciences J. Nutr. 134:2837S-2841S, October 2004

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Well I did a quick search and found this thread and a link for foods with L-Arginine levels in the first post:

Arginine Lysine Food Chart Ratios

As for where to buy it, well it depends where you live. Your location says Athens and if that’s Athens Georgia or any other in the USA then go to Walmart. That’s where I get it. Out of the USA I can’t help you out.

“L-Arginine promotes stimulation of nitric oxide, which helps support blood flow - promoting vascular function and muscular circulation.” So says my bottle of L-Arginine.

Anyways, I got mine at Wal-mart as it is the only bottle that pretty much doesn’t flaunt “male-enhancement” on it. Which, to be totally honest at least for me would be a lie to say that it does “enhance” your junk. It’s supposedly good for blood flow (where most would focus if they wanted to claim it enhances your penis), but mainly doctors focus on promoting it for a good heart. Which is the only reason I take it any more. Though I will admit, it kicks up your sex drive a little, but everything I’ve heard about it that has to do with PE or bigger loads when you ejaculate is in my experiences, false.

Basically if you’re in the United States you can find it at any drug store. Though to re-iterate, if you’re just taking it to blow bigger loads or think it’ll speed up PE or help PE I’d say don’t waste your money.

Just go to a health food store or large superstore. I have 500mg pills of L-Arginine.

It’s an amino acid. Technically you don’t need supplements to get them. So long as you eat protein rich foods, you should be getting arginine. Proteins are diverse in their amino acid composition, but proteins are made up of about 20 amino acids in different combinations.

In other words. Just eat protein.

August 2008: NBPEL 4"

No, “just eat protein” is not quite true.

People who supplement with Arginine do so for specific purposes.

Not all protein food sources have Arginine in significant levels to be of help for these various purposes.

Some would argue not only do you take different amounts for different reasons (body building, combating ED, etc.), but you can take different kinds of Arginine supplements as well, depending.

To say “just eat protein” is a gross over-simplification; better to do some reading.

For anyone who wants to know about Arginine in food, this is good link to add to Cock Kent’s links: Nutrition Data.

willing19762, I would suggest that you be a little more patient with your searches and approach them from a variety of angles.

Any given thread, for example, will have five threads at the bottom of each page with related thread titles. If something is of particular interest you can follow those, and often find a lot of good information.

Right now for me, these are at the bottom of this thread for example:

Thread title > Member > Forum > Replies > Date & Time

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Scroll down and see what you find, I promise there are related links you can easily click on.

Arginine, its uses and its sources, is a topic that has been exhaustively covered here; if your searches are yielding what you’d like be a little creative with how you search.

It’s a big site and it can be overwhelming, but you need to have patience and persistence.

It also doesn’t hurt your brain to try to figure things out - or it shouldn’t anyway.

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