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KillIt's Question



Well I still do not understand it so I will not let it bother me.


I have noticed that I am always sore the next day I stretch, so I took 2 days off. The problem is that my ligaments are always slightly sore since I started PE. Is everyone sore from stretching? Are my ligament maybe just tighter? Help me out.

Still will not stop.


I have stopped PE for the past week and have not masturbated or had sex. I stop doing all of this because I kind of tore my “piss-hole.” I am very concerned about this. Today I decided to masturbate and my meatus looked like it healed much longer. I am worried because the “piss-hole” pretty much gets kind of swollen even when I was just masturbating, and it is very red inside, might be blood. This never occurred until PE. I also think it might be induced because of accutane. I have noticed in some other Members pictures it looks like at some time in there career it happened to them. I am really worried because even with a week break it didn’t heal, and up until I jerked it looked totally normal.

Help me out guys.

It doesn’t matter what any of us tell you, go to a doctor.

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If there is no blood in my piss or in my ejaculate, where is it coming from? It looks like inside my penis (meatus) that it is red. I am not even sure if it is blood? The doctor said it looked totally normal, but it is not the same as it use to look to me. WTF Meatus looks about 1mm longer, which is a huge difference.


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