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kegels help

kegels help

hi guys i just started my newbie routine and already im having problems , its about kegels they say to hold it for 5 seconds and i cant hold it all my dick just comes up and then down im guessing that Pc muscle is too weak , is this true? any response is apreciated . Thanks in advance this board is great.


Use the search function on here….

Basically, to “find” the muscle, start by taking a leak, then use you muslce to stop the urine flow.

That gives you the muscle you’re looking for.

The FAQS/search function will give you greater detail

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

To Hello2

I assume you are kegeling while erect, which coincedently is the way I do them as well. You are correct in deducing you have a weak PC muscle and working at it is the only way to make it stronger. BTW, you can also do your kegels while flaccid which is how most do it (in the car driving to school, work, etc.). Start by doing twenty and then move up by ten everyday until you reach fifty repetitions (for erect kegels) and for flaccid kegels shoot for two to three hundred daily but you can over work this muscle so keep that in mind and listen to your body. Hope this helps. Later

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