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Kegels again....

Kegels again....

OK, I’ve been doing 100 a day at work whjilst just sitting at my desk holding them for 10 second contractions.

Is this ok?

What if there was a break between each 20 Kegels? Would this still be effective?


You’re on the right track, keep at it. Taking breaks at 20 is just fine.

Good luck.


Holding for 10 seconds seems a bit excessive. Five would work just as well. You want to condition the muscle, not overwhelm or fatigue it.

Does holding in your urine when you really have to go help your BC muscle or does it just overwhelm it, or is it even the BC muscle that you use to do that?


Starting: BP 7.65 x 4.75

Now: BP: 8.375 x 4.875

You should empty the bladder if you feel you need to. The sphincter muscle that keeps the bladder outlet closed is above the prostate and not related to the BC at all.

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