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kegels exercises do more harm than good?

kegels exercises do more harm than good?

i was reading through articles on kegels a few weeks ago…and came across this.

if you read through it (3 pages), you’ll see that it basically says doing kegels exercises leads to premature ejaculation. it provides much support on its thesis too.

what’s your take on it?

i have to say that i’m skeptical to continue doing kegels after reading this.
but so many other doctors and penis enlargement sites, and people swear by them (including this site)….so i don’t know who to believe.


I believe kegels are healthy. Alone, or incorporated into your routine. I have had no problems with premature ejac. since doing kegels. In fact, doing reverse kegels at certain times during sex makes me last much longer than I used to. Having a strong and healthy PC muscle is also great when you finally do cum! Kegels bad…I think not.

Basically what they’re saying is don’t overdo it. I don’t think Kegeling several times a day is a good idea either. A few times a week is enough in my opinion to learn to control the muscle. By the way men should rather learn to control their BC muscles. There’s a good link about that around here somewhere. Use the search function.

I have been able to control my ejaculations for a long time. I could even produce “dry” orgasms long before I knew anything about the pc or bc muscles. I think doing Kegels might help you regarding this but the best way to achieve control is to masturbate and stop every time you’re about to come. DO this over and over. You’ll probably ejaculate more when you finally let go and if you’re lucky you’ll experience a dry orgasm also. I can imagine if you never even tried to control your ejaculation and you really have no control over these muscles training them would make some difference. I haven’t noticed any changes actually more than the soreness after a hard Kegel workout.

As I said at the beginning of this post, just like with all other PE exercise, don’t overdo it!

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Hey corona,

Before you believe one thing on that site, read this:

Exposing Dr. Lin

lots of good info there. thanks.

don’t get me wrong…i wasn’t jumping on the herballove bandwagon or anything. i was just being a little cautious before i start messing with my penis. wanted to get some other opinions.


I’m going to repost one of my earlier posts …

I have … sort of. Not the kegeling itself, but I developed a nasty little side effect. I started kegeling years ago (before I knew P.E., blame it on playboy advisor). One effect I noticed it had was when I kegeled during stimulation, I noticed it made the sensation stronger and ejaculation faster. So I squeezed whenever I needed to cum fast, people coming home, girl getting sore, etc. Well I started to do it during masturbation as well, to speed it up, since I only masturbate for the happy ending.

Now, whenever my head gets stimulated, no matter what situation, my BC muscle automatically contracts. I can’t control it. Its not even during sex or masturbation. If I’m lying on my stomach and my head gets rubbed it contracts. Sitting in a chair at work and it rubs against my pants or leg it contracts. The downside to this all? I developed premature ejaculation. I’m talking about, sometimes feeling like ejaculation as soon as I enter the vagina. It’s frustrating.

I’ve got two solutions. One, learn male multiple orgasms and just forget about it. The second, a controlled masturbation routine, where I stimulate my head and do a reverse kegel to prevent the kegel. I hope after maybe a couple months it’ll learn not to flex automatically.

I’m trying the reverse kegel right now, while masturbating, but it is hard. Kegelman, any tips on how to do it correctly? It takes so much effort the way I do it that I get tired after a few seconds. I just try to pretend like I need to pee, while doing the reverse kegel. Is this right?

I’ve talked about reverse Kegels several times. Use the search button and select the “advanced search” link. Type “reverse Kegel” in the Key Word(s) box and enter “westla90069” in the User Name box. At the bottom of the page, click “Show results as: Posts” button.

Here are some of the results where you’ll get a description of what a reverse Kegel is and how to do them.:
Locating the bc muscle
Reverse kegels as excerzise
Reverse kegels don’t use the same muscles as kegels

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