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How important is kegeling? What does it actually do for me in terms of gains. I’m sure it helps make my dick get harder and healthier over time, but does it actually make it get bigger?

When I squeeze my PC muscle, it feels like I’m also squeezing or clenching part of some sort of anus muscle too. Is it just the same muscle reaching very far back, or am I squeezing the wrong thing? I’m pretty sure it is the right muscle but I am not sure.

I know that I can’t squeeze it extremely hard. I think maybe it’s week. How hard do I need to squeeze to get the good work out that is required on it? Is it normal for that muscle to get tired after about 50 1 to 2 second hard squeezes (I can’t even squeeze it as hard as I would like, but it’s the hardest I can at the moment)? When it gets tired, and I try to keep going, it almost feels like there is no “pull” on the muscle anymore when I squeeze on it. For the first 50 or so, I can feel a strong pull on the inner dick itself, like there is blood being pushed into it, but once I go for about 40 - 50, I can still squeeze, but that rush of blood “pull” feeling vanishes. What does it signify? Any insight is much thanked.

Read this to learn more about the muscle(s) involved: Locating the bc muscle

Kegels do not make your dick bigger. They do help make your erections stronger. You’re probably doing them correctly since many guys say they also contract the anal muscles at the same time. Doing 40 to 50 every other day, even divided into groups of 10 throughout the day, is enough. No need to work it to fatigue.

Ok so I don’t need to kegel if my erections are rock hard? (Wood is a understatement in my case).

Kegels are something helpful that many guys want, but they are not necessary and don’t help growth.

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