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Kegel during jelqing

Kegel during jelqing

Hi, when jelqing people have said to kegel between each stroke. I have tried kegeling during the stroke, which makes it feel like there is more resistance on the muscle (not sure which one). Is it better to kegel during the stroke or between strokes? Thanks.

I think that once your first hand has reached your glans you kegel and then capture the blood with the other hand and proceed to jelq and repeat process. If that made any sense lol

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If you kegel too much, your “kegel area” may become tired, and you may become more likely to ejaculate.

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Kegel in the time between taking one hand off after a stroke and putting the other back on again to start a new one. That is what I do, anyway.

If you feel like your dick isn’t pumped up enough to continue jelqing, try watching some porn for about 10 seconds to increase the erectness. It’s a good way of refilling yourself, so to speak.

I think kegel as a way to pump more blood into the penis area that is getting jelqed.

So, you decide your erection level (which is actually a way to say how hard is your penis and how much blood there is in it) and after this you just maintain it with kegels. This means that if you want engorgement similar to 60% erection and after , say, 50 strokes you are down to 50% you kegel sometimes to go up to 60% (not erection but engorgement which is actually safer). You do this by going to the end of one jelq stroke and before you release you jelq and grab with the second hand the base and trap the extra blood that came in. Repeat until you are at engorgement level you desire. This is something that only through wet jelqing I was able to achieve…

Getting engorgement through arousal (i.g. porn) can be dangerous if your objective is to jelq with much blood, because tissues get harder and they are sensitive enough and can be damaged (I don’t remember exactly which part of the penis it is, but if you search on erection level you will find reference on this).

Anyway, I am very new to this whole thing and having this in mind, this is how I think about kegels and jelqing combined.

I do a kegel between each jelq, as has been described above. I do this in addition to the 50 x 5-sec kegels in the newbie routine. Is this overkill for a beginner? It seems to be working well so far, and the kegels between jelq are very short, but I want to be sure.

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