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Keeping erections while jelqing

Keeping erections while jelqing

Been doing the newb routine for a month now, and while I have no problem reaching erection when I am aroused, I am starting to have trouble keeping or even getting an 75-85% erection to do my routine, yesterday and the day before I could only muster about a 45-50% erection. Sometimes porn helps alittle but I think since I have the routine on my mind it is hard, and I would like to not rely on it. Do you guys have any advice for this? No gains yet but I’m optimistic since I’m only one month in.


You might be able to do a few horse 440 squeezes for every so many Jelqs, you have to pump as much blood as possible into your penis for those, though you might lose the erection right after it, just depends on how your body reacts. Have you tried Kegeling during and in between strokes? That should add a little bit of extra pump too. And just your regular kegels throughout the day should help with erection strength I think.

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I have found that if I over exercise or don’t take days off then I have trouble keeping erections. I know the tendency is to get to 8X6 tomorrow but really PE is slow steady process. Don’t damage the the banana by too much squeezing.

Yea I guess I will have to just deal with it and do my best. I have tried kegeling between, and while it works alittle, I just feel like my sessions are.. Less productive now than they were when I was able to maintain that 80% erection. And yea I know it’s slow, not really lookin for the 8x6 at the moment, just waitin for that little bit of grow for now!

Newbies should not do horse 440’s

Jelqing with a 40-505 is OK, I feel 50-70 is better but use what you can.

You may be gripping to hard, or over doing it.

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Thats kinda another language to me, anybody have a link to that stuff?

Watching some porn always helps.

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