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having some trouble mainting part erections during jelqing

having some trouble mainting part erections during jelqing

I’m still learning proper mechanics of jelqing, even though I know how it looks like but I’m still practicing. Now I’m having trouble mainting at least 40% erections while jelqing. Will I still get results while jelqing in flaccid state ?

Also, about the OK grip, can this vary from person to person?

Know what you mean

Having the same problem myself. I watch porn while jelqing. It helps. Also when I get a little to soft I get a firm grip at the bottom of the shaft and stimulate the glans with the other hand. When hard enough I continue the session. Speeding up the jelqing for a while helps me also. When I’m satisfied with the erection percentage I slow down again.

I use both the overhand OK grip and the “regular” OK grip. Is this what you mean by vary? I’ve noticed that the overhand grip is more comfortable because the dorsal nerve on top of the shaft doesn’t get squeezed.

Beginners normally have the opposite.

It might just be in your head, don’t try to focus as much on staying hard throughout your routine, just go with the flow and focus on doing each exercise correctly.
Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day as well. Ginseng & L-Arginine are two supplements that might help if you’re not already taking them.

I don’t really have a problem staying hard, never have done really, which I am kinda thankful for. But what can help is porn and your imagination. Think of the girl/guy you would most like to f***, a girl/guy you work with maybe. Visualise your dick getting bigger and her/him chonging on the end of it.

I’m sure your problem is nothing to worry about and you will overcome it soon.

Oh, one thing I forget to mention is the fact that you could be overtraining which is why you are unable to maintain an erection. And no, flaccid jelqs won’t do you much good.


Where would I be without PE?

Okay, min. erection you want is about 50% right ? I have gone through my first week and noticed my erections are getting harder, but possibly not from jelqing, maybe the kegels ??

As for the OK hand grip while jelqing, my scrotum gets in the way, and I gotta get use to the overhand grip.

grip 001 and 002 is the same grip, I find it more comfortable jelqing like that, but it won’t be as effective ??

grip 003 is the normal OK grip, right ?

Also I have a bit of a problem jelqing, (small penis size, about 5.7 inches Bone pressed). and my penis tends to curve with my right hand, but not as much with my left hand.

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Hey MonkeyDude,
Did you check out the Video thread? The OK grip should always look like 003 but you can either have you palm up as in the photo or do the inverse OK grip with your palm down. The inverse grip is gentler on your penis. At least that’s what I experienced.

About the scrotum getting in the way there is remedy. I myself use a cock-strap tight around my scrotum to keep the skin in place. You could use anything I guess. Someone suggested a shoelace once. It takes sometime but you’ll find a way that works for you. Check out the videos, they’re excellent!

Got it Thunder!

Here’s the link MDude.

Okay, so your telling me that you won’t get any results at all from jelqing in flaccid state? How about 10%-20% ? still no good? Ahhh…. I gotta buy a porno mag!

Right. You have to have enough blood in the corpora cavernosa (CC) to move with each stroke. It’s the force of the blood against the walls of the CC that cause it to stretch and grow. Too much blood (full erection) and you can’t move it. Too little and there’s no “force” to each movement. Most guys do it at 70% erect.

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