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Just weird

Just weird

Recently when I cum, the back of my head starts to hurt. Kind of like I blew my brain out. IT HURTS.

I think this has to do with taking Epehedrine + Caffiene. Anyone’s thoughts?

I am going to stop masturbating because of all this. I don’t enjoy the hurting.

I would see a doctor about this.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Sigh it’s high blood pressure . EC+Masturbation=BAD

i would’nt blow this off as just being high blood pressure, not to alarm you but you should go to a doctor about it, does it only do it when you cum or when you do any exertion type activity?

It ONLY happens at the POINT of orgasm and the head pain lasts for a little bit. I can weight lift and bike ride without this. Only at the POINT of ORGASM.

Maybe it’s a tumor…

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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It’s not a tumor! I am Richard Kimble, you idiot!

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