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Just starting

Just starting

So, I just started the Nubie routine. (I was gonna wait for a mentor but I think it’s gonna take a while so…I’ll start on my own). Anyways, this is my problem: Yesterday I warmed up, and got to the stretching part. But after the first 30 seconds I got hard. So I waited to get soft and tried again…and got hard. So, what I did today was warm up and stretch. As soon as I got hard I would continue with stuff, shaving, etc…and then when I got soft I’d start again. It seems like my exercise is a day thing because I’ve resorted to doing a little bit of stretching and jelking whenever I go to the bathroom or whatever. Is it bad if I do a little bit throughout the day? Anyways, any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

I’m only about a month in, but I think if you get hard you should put off the stretching and just jelq instead.


"Ohhh, no more yankie my wankie. The Donger need food!" -- On second thought, maybe just a few more reps.

No, it’s not bad. I break my routine up throughout the day. I do 4 x 15-20 minute sessions. Doing anything less than 10 minutes may not be as effective, but if you need to condition yourself to get used to being handled more often, it is worth it. You get used to doing the exercises and becoming too erect will become less and less of a problem.


I believe if you do a routine that blends in with your everyday life without much inconvenience, you will outlast and gain better than guys who make such a big deal out of it. Like RTG said, you will get used to playing with your dick without it becoming erect by just touch.

Try not to get bogged down by having erections, remember there is many men that would love to have one. Hell, I do it all throughout the day and I love it, it is better for me.

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