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Just an idea for a stretch technique

Just an idea for a stretch technique

I was thinking about a way that I could maybe use as a stretching method instead of your hands to make things less tiring but I want to ask for any opinions whether its to dangerous or could actually be ok.

So basically this is it, you find yourself a couple of shoe laces, or a cord from the waste of a pair of pants, or something similar, maybe 2 or 3 should be fine. They must be reasonably thick-ish. Next, loop the one side of the first cord and tie a not, this loop must be large enough to fit around your foot.

Now with another cord/lace form a double, I.e 2 loops, same size. In essence.. “Doubling the thickness of the loop” .this is for a larger surface area to minimize the stress on the skin. You could probably loop a 3rd time to increase the area even more.. But I think 2 is fine as long as the cord is reasonably thick.

So now tie the non looped end of the one to the non looped end of the other,

So if you take the single loop and put it through the double loop it forms a “slip knot”

I was thinking of putting the slip knot on the shaft just behind the glands and tightening. Then take the other end and put it over your foot. The overall length must be short enough that you can’t straighten your leg completely,

I have tried this technique and noticed a couple of things,

1. It gives you complete control over how much tension you want (use you leg and foot to adjust tension). Therefore avoiding the risk of stretching to the point of certain injury. Or say if you are a newb like I am, you can use very light tension

2. The slip knot only tightens to a certain degree, therefore its not going to tighten up so that it cuts your dick off.

3. Yes it does cut off circulation to the glands to a certain degree, BUT one should only do it for a max 20-30min and then stop completely.

As I said, I have tried it and it seems to work well, I’d just like to know if the pressure on the area just behind the glands is a recipe for nerve damage? I see this as safer when compared to something like hanging, and more convenient than using your hands, (you do it lying down, so 30min before you get out of bed for instance)

I don’t know if this sounds like a medieval torture technique to you all. BUT if done right, there’s not really pain involved at all. Any advice/opinions on this idea is much appreciated!

Does it give a good pull,I’m trying to picture this in my head won’t it rip the head off?

Originally Posted by 8incyclops
Does it give a good pull,I’m trying to picture this in my head won’t it rip the head off?

Well basically you tighten it around the shaft before the glands, and not just directly around the glands, therefore the skin on the shaft also gets a stretch. I know its difficult maybe to picture what I’m saying exactly.I’d tried to explain it as best I could. The amount of tension you want can be varied according to how much you straighten your leg. Imagine a cord from your foot to your dick, but not as long as your leg when completely straightened.. In other words, make the cord long enough,.. But not soo long that you can straighten your leg easily, I supose its a similar concept to hanging in a way, but instead of dangling weights from your dick, you using the tension from your leg, and in a horizontal position. I’m just concerned whether the pressure from the cord around the shaft, and the partial cutting off of blood circulation for 20-30min to the glands is too dangerous and could lead to nerve damage

Oh ok i missed that,I have tried this once but never could get it right.

Just don’t listen to a toe tapping song whilst you’re doing it! :D

Seems like a good idea to me if you are careful and that there is no pain involved. How about carefully making the length of the cord just the right length so that you have to stretch your foot to apply tension, so that if you get a shock or spasm or whatever (anything could jolt your leg), then the biggest stretch from this arrangement you could get is not too uncomfortable or dangerous.

Having said all that, manual stretching is maybe better for most, especially a newbie as this allows you to get to know your penis better.

Good luck. And keep on thinking of new and better ways to PE! :)

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