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Just a few Questions.

Just a few Questions.

Hi all at the moment I’m doing the newbie routine I started it on the 7th Of May.

I’m just wondering when shall I start doing a bit more than just the newbie routine?

And also how long did you start doing a different routine before you stopped the newbie one?


I also started at exactly the same day as you. I really can not answer your question since I am a “newbie” as well. I will keep my routine for 2 months and then will also ask in here. Good Luck.

Follow the newbie routine for at least three months before even considering doing other stuff to your dick.

Keep doing it until you don’t get any more gains from it.

Jelqing + stretching + kegeling is what PE is all about. All gadgets that you can use (pumps, hangers, cable clamps, ADS and so on) are just other ways to perform those basic exercises with a bit more power. So, as long as you don’t need that extra power you won’t need those contraptions - you might even hurt yourself trying.

I made the mistake to start clamping right after the stipulated three months, while I was still gaining from doing manual exercises. My gains stopped almost right away, and they didn’t return before I went back to jelqing.

Go slow. I think there may possibly be no need for most people to go off the newbie routine after having done it for nigh on 4 months. Having said that, I am just now adding a few other things to my routine only now, and only very very gradually.

There are plenty of variations within the newbie routine. Jelqing at different intensity levels and speeds and different erection levels and with different grips. That takes 3 months or so in anyone’s book. Every time I do it I get new feedback from it. Also the same goes for stretching, I am now doing the manual stretching for slightly longer but with a slightly lower strength than when I first started, but it took me time to work out what was best for me. Also kegeling… short sharp ones? Long lasting ones? Swirling ones? Reverse ones? Where to start… only one way to find out how to do them is to do them. Kegeling is super important as a rock solid smaller dick is better than a big floppy one in my opinion and from being with a few girls, I think they would probably agree.

I would say keep doing it not just until you don’t get any more gains, but also take into consideration your physiological indicators. Erection quality and so on, not just size. Once you do this, then you will know when you need to do anything more advanced. It will probably take you 3 months to even get to read up the theory and start understanding it and how it should fit into your PE.

Good luck with it though.

Originally Posted by Vurpollon

Keep doing it until you don’t get any more gains from it.

Totally agree, and you need to make sure that your penis is conditioned before trying some of the other stuff too. I’ve been doing newbie since January and still fell foul of adding Ulis which I wasn’t ready for. So just take your time and enjoy it along the way.


Thanks for the help guys!

One thing you should try to understand is that the more advanced exercises do not equal faster gains. PE is a long drive down a very winding road with many tolls booths along the way. In other words you have to prepare yourself for a serious commitment which you will have to figure out on your own when your no longer yielding gains from your current routine and then fabricate a routine which does facilitate gains again. The most important aspects of PE is consistency and time.

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Originally Posted by Vurpollon
Follow the newbie routine for at least three months before even considering doing other stuff to your dick.

What he said.

Like many guys in here, I still pretty much do the Newbie routine but throw in a couple of variations here and there. Hey, if it aint broke…

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