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Just a few questions.

Just a few questions.

This is my first time visiting the site, so pardon me.. I have a few questions o n PE

1. How exactly do you calculate LOT and what is it used for? I’ve tried reading bib’s lot theory but I couldn’t understand it, it would be helpful if someone here could help me out. ;\

2. For manual stretches, when they say 2 use another hand for more force, do they mean we use all possible strength of our first hand?

3. I’ve heard there a risky outcomes of jelqing if not done right, and that PE has to be done to pinpoint perfection or a risk of a weirdly shaped penis would be the outcome, or something going wrong with my schlong(something I wouldn’t want happening).. Could anyone clarify my doubts? Also I heard that jelqing has to be done at a 60-80% erection.. How do I maintain that?

4. What do NBPEL and BPEL mean?

And lastly,

5. What do I need to know before I start P.E.? I’ve read the whole newbie thing but I just want some people’s advice on what they checked on and what they made sure of to play safe before starting PE? I’m extremely worried about this because I REALLY don’t want the outcome to be ugly. Thanks. :D

Thanks for bearing with me. :D

1. LOT
Read here: LOT Theory

4. What do NBPEL and BPEL mean?

Non-bone pressed erect length, bone pressed erect length.

Edit -> as per #4, you’ll notice that NBPEL and BPEL have a dotted underline, just run your mouse cursor over it and you’ll see what it is

G-banger has given nice answers, I will answer the other questions.

2: I switch hands after done a direction.
3: Jelq between 20-40% erection to hit length, jelq between 60-80% to hit girth. Don’t jelq higher, it has to many risks. TO keep your engorgement break up your jelqing routine. For instance not 20 minutes straight but 2x10 or 4x5 minutes
5: You should be able to perform the newbie routine when you have read the newbie routine. To know more, start reading. The search button will be a big help for you.

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