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Just a dumb Newcomer

Just a dumb Newcomer

So I’ve been doing it for about 2 weeks, not fully though and can already see some gain in flaccid but I know that’s uncommon cause it’s the easiest to gain. But what program or workouts do you guys suggest. I’m hoping to get to 7 by February, maybe sooner but I’m not sure, I’m a good hard 6 inches. Looking to gain an inch and some girth but I was just wandering what I should use to gain the results I need an if it’s possible. Sorry if this question is stupid and irritating


Your question isn’t stupid or irritating, but it also isn’t very clear what you’re asking.

What exactly have you been doing for 2 weeks? The newbie routine?

Keep it up. If you’re seeing good gains, don’t be in too much of a hurry to build up your routine ie. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Then, if gains slow down, start to increase intensity in your routine.

It took me at least 3 months, before I started to see real gains.



Well I’ve been doing dry stretches, dry jelq, wet jelq thats about it I do it 3 times a week for about 8 minutes

Well, I think you can up your routine to 5 days a week.

Not sure how long it takes, but after a couple of weeks you could be doing 150-200 wet jelqs. Stretch before and after jelqing for maximum effect.

I would also advise doing a little warm up. Either rice-sock, or warm wash-cloth, IR lamp. My preferred method is rice-sock (well lentil sock actually. Same difference).

Other than that, keep reading up here about jelqing, and different grips etc.

Good luck! :up:



Originally Posted by punched
Well I’ve been doing dry stretches, dry jelq, wet jelq thats about it I do it 3 times a week for about 8 minutes

It takes you 8 minutes to do stretches and dry/wet jelqing?

I would read the newbie START HERE thread, and switch to the newbie routine in there, you’ll be more likely to get results.

Good luck.

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

Hi punched,

Don’t worry too much about gains. As long as you’re newbie (like me), you’re still recommended to follow newbie routine for at least three months or until you don’t see any more gain from it. So keep it up and good luck to you.

Oh by the way, I believe it’s hard to tell what is right for you, you’re the one to figure out what is best for you and your penis :)



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

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