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Jelquing, Extenders, Pumps, and pills

Jelquing, Extenders, Pumps, and pills

Hey everyone,

I am not a newbie to PE but just to this forum, I have been off and on with PE for about 7 months now. When I started I spent lots of money on things that I probably shouldn’t have, I have a X4 labs extender and pump, Sinrex supplements and I have the PenisHealth exercises, about $1000 worth of stuff. At first I didn’t know which combination to use with these things and I just did random things and because I didn’t know if what I was doing was completely right, I just stopped. Sometimes I picked up again and tried different things. Right now I wear my extender every day and after I take it off I use my pump for about 30 minutes, after I take it off my dicks is really swelled up and I like how it looks, much more the penis-health program they give you different exercises which are about the same thing as jelqing but just a little different way to do it.can anyone tell me if this is really necessary or is the standard jelq just as good? I think if I wore the extender for a few hours, took it off and jelqed for about 30 mins and then use the pump for 20 minutes or so, that would give me good gains? Vets I would like to know what you think about this so I can get back on to my serious goal of achieving what I need.

I am quite experienced at jelqing and manual stretching, I have been doing it for years. I don’t have much experience in the pumps and stretchers though but have read countless threads and articles on them. I don’t think that the devices are able to replace jelqing, but I don’t see them doing any harm. I personally wouldn’t use a pump, as I believe the gains are from a fluid increase, but again - I have no experience of using them myself. I think that if I were you, I would do a massive warm up, do some manual stretches (aim for some lig pops, I like them lol), then spend a good amount of time jelqing. After that, apply the stretcher for as long as possible and then finish the day with a few more hot jelqing. (I mean hot as in using heat, and NOT as in doing them while in a nurses outfit!)

I think this is the optimal order, the stretching will allow for gains, the pump will expand you as much as possible, the jelq will fill your expanded penis and the all day stretch will keep it there!

LMAO, sounds good to me :)

Good luck.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Thanks herballist, ill try that.the nurses outfit sounds interesting too, lmao.j/k

Anyone else who has anything they would like to add I would greatly appreciate it as well.

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