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New guy here - can anyone tell me of any pumps or pills that work at all

New guy here - can anyone tell me of any pumps or pills that work at all

Looking for any pumps or pills that work..

Thank you.

I don’t know so much about pumps, but do a search on that.

Pills you don’t even have to do a search on. They don’t work.

But what does work is the newbie routine. That’s your best bet.

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Let me get in here before the gang bang starts— you will be advised to search for your own answers to most general questions— and since both of your queries are very gneral [there is an actual pumpers' forum!] you should get to work.

Basic TP search parameters usage is also outlined.

Meanwhile I suggest that you bget started on the newbie routine that’s sticky’d at the top of the newbie forum.

Luck and length

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The pumping concept is certainly valid. By that I mean that pumping can work assuming that you get quality gear and use it appropriately.

Pills simply don’t work, end of story.

As others have pointed out, your best bet is to actually start PEing.

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Pumper’s Forum


Lots of people, including me, can tell you what worked for us. Can’t tell you what will work for you.

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