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Jelqing with 70% + erection?

Jelqing with 70% + erection?

I’ve seen people post quite often that jelq should be done with 30-50% erection. For some reason, I can’t keep it that soft and will often go near 100% while jelqing. Will this hamper my gains or cause injury? I think lil Ookla may be too sensitive for my own good.

How does one go about forcing blood into the penis, without causing a full erection?

Unwanted erections seem to be a problem to a lot of beginners. I see you’ve been here for over 2 years so I’m not sure are you a beginner or not, but you should probably let the erection subside just to be of the safe side. It can be tedious, but it’s the only way. Better than causing injury, if anything. :)

Erection while jelqing

Do your best to keep it down. Any more than 70% and you’re getting into the danger zone for an injury. Some people have trouble staying hard enough, others have trouble keeping it down. My best advice is to think of it as a workout or a chore rather than focusing on any stimulation you get from it.

I almost always do 70% or more now, but I’ve been jelking for over six months. So far no injuries. I watch it closely though.

Thanks, guys. Upto7, I signed up waaaayyy back in the day, but was sort of flaky when it came to PE. Very off-and-on. I’ve only recently gotten serious about it. I’ve been Jelqing for a couple of weeks, now, and so far I get around 80% erect at a minimum every time I do it. :-/

Better late than never. :) I myself started doing PE properly about 10-11 months after joining.

There are penile nerve deadening salves for pre-mature ejac. that you can ask your pharmacist for. One such I used, years ago, was named “Click”. Just an idea! This is massaged into the head and surrounds only. It is cheap, as I remember.

True,Upto, very true.

I don’t think I would want to use a numbing agent on my penis during PE. Seems dangerous to me. I did try rubbing one out 15 minutes prior to PE and that seems to work. I can stay at 30-50% that way. I have read from some that masturbating before PE can limit your gains, though. Is there any truth to that?

Yes, I agree that you should not use anything that numbs or deadens nerves. In the pursuit of PE you should not even get to the point pain, so no such pain killing should ever be required. Pain is a warning sign your body is communicating to your brain that you are experiencing an injury or are already injured. The body is saying “AVOID IT, MINIMIZE IT, STOP IT, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!”. As a biological function you need to feel pain in order that you know immediate action is required.

No, "mch" does not stand for "my cock's huger!"

... although it may do in the foreseeable future! :D

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